Animation Delayed

I have noticed that with the increased number of players, enemy animations in the area outside of Highsteppe can be severely delayed when in a full shard. Switching to instanced areas with fewer players does help but I am afraid that if this happens to new players, they may quit thinking the game is bugged or that an enemy is too difficult to beat. The animation lag is specifically an issue with trying to avoid the smash attacks or interrupting heals especially as new players are still trying to learn the mechanics of each enemy.

I do not know if this is happening to other players but I have noticed the issue 3 or 4 times over the past month and wanted to bring it to your attention. Also related to animations being delayed, the line attack from the raid TeaCup boss sometimes will register a hit before the animation visually hits the character. I can not purposely replicate the issue and I may be missing something but it has happened to me on a few different Raids that I think this is more than an isolated issue.

I would like to ask if information about the weapon, dungeon shards, and armor affixes/mutations be added to the player’s journal. Most of this information is common knowledge to long time players but requires newer players to ask someone who knows or to find the information online. In my opinion, if the information is easy enough to be researched out of the game it should be fairly easy to find in-game. And can the 4 dungeons in Highsteppe get labeled so we don’t have to keep explaining which orb to grab in order to enter the correct dungeon?

Thank you for all of your hard work on this game.


This happened to me repeatedly yesterday, causing my party to break a shard because the boss wasn’t displaying animations. The number of tank busters I took to the face…

Yeah it’s not just highsteppe, everywhere you go, even dungeons, stuff is usually out of sync and when severe there’s no animations at all lol. At least during the evening when there’s >30 people in a shard or there’s more than one shard.

We’re going to take a look at these animation issues and try to find out what’s going on soon. They seem to affect even zones that don’t have a lot of people at times so we need to see what might be causing it.

Re: more information in the journal, I believe the things you mentioned are explained in the FAQ/information menu (which we need to do a better job of highlighting.)


Yep citadel raid last night had bosses either walking in place or frozen solid. Thankfully both tanks were Warriors so after switching tactics we could block everything. I can’t imagine trying to find the timing as a pally for the invisible tank busters without counting how many times your hp dips lol

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we did a raid yesterday and the tanks just guessed at points because animations were either not appearing or not at the right times which made it very confusing and our healers turrets both broke at least 2-3 times during the raid and at one point we just didn’t even have turrets on boss 4


Thanks for responding. I looked over the FAQ section and I agree it could use a rework or a better way to present the information but for what I am suggesting, the FAQ section only mentions how to find a shard and a brief statement on how it works. There is no mention of the shard dungeon mutations and how they affect the dungeon nor is there mention of the legendary weapon affixes.

If it is intended to be a “figure it out as you play”, I can understand that decision but if it is not, I do believe the information should be easily accessible in-game. Maybe as a scroll that adds it to your journal or added once a player reaches a lvl 30 character? Either way, in my opinion shards and 30+ armor are a big part of this game. As such, I believe their importance should be expanded on by, at the very least, listing what the affixes and mutations do.

The same can be said about listing what increasing player stats does for the player. Intel, Wisdom, etc. Some of this could be remedied by putting up signs / posters in Highsteppe advertising “If you wanna increase magical damage, raise your intellect” or “Buy Intellect Potions to Shoot or Cast Stronger Spells”. Wording is bad but you get the idea. It might add more interest throughout Highsteppe, lets players know what the potions or increasing stats do for them, and may help with stimulating the in game economy. This was just an idea outside of putting more information in the journal.

Thanks for reading.

your back in the game? i think we just found the issue its not the number of people its that you cast so fast your breaking all the servers!

I don’t hop on nearly as often because of my wrist but I can play mage for like an hour or two hours before it starts to hurt so if the raid goes quick its not a big deal having a ton of fun with it so far