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Hello, I have been following the development on OrbusVR for quite some time now, and I have to admit that it’s a beautiful game. The only problem is that I have yet to buy it.
I use Linux, and I’d love to see some kind of support for it. This game looks beautiful and I’m sure that I’m one of the many people that would like to buy this game. I would gladly pay the $50 CAD it costs to play this game if Linux was supported. Even if Linux would not be 100% supported, Vulkan support would be wonderful so that we are able to use Steam Play on Steam in order to play.


…I did know a player that was playing orbus on linux. He played up until a month or so ago, was a bit buggy with the first login from what I heard, but it seemed to work after that.

What problems are you facing?


oculus doesnt officially support linux… does htc vive support it?


Yes, the Vive supports Linux & with SteamPlay/Proton there’s a decent library of VR Games available, though a lot of them are buggy at the moment. Last time I tried Orbus on Linux it had a very bad framerate (60 fps at best, generally lower) & none of the mobs rendered. It was a very strange experience.

I should probably try it again, there has been a lot of updates to Proton/SteamPlay & gfx card updates since I last tried it. If the Orbus Devs add Vulkan support, it would probably clear most of the major graphics bugs when playing on Linux.


I haven’t bought it yet due to the limited (and by that, I mean very limited) Linux reviews, so I don’t have any problems, other than any sign of Orbus running decently. I’m thinking of just switching over to Windows 7 at this point due to the large amount of compatibility issues I’ve had with Linux these past few years.

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