Another simple but effective QOL Quest improvement


Since the rain cannot be rendered, I always have to be told while I am not on my PC but on the Quest. Today I was in the public event outside Highstep while on the Quest and I heard a kid call out that is was raining. So I asked if it was and was told yes. I knew about this before so I wasn’t shocked by it just more curious than anything. Possible to put a little water drop indicator in the top corner of the screen to let Quest users know when is is raining. For fishing sake man. :grin: Just a thought.


Fck! There is no rain on the Quest? :exploding_head:


Nope. It was night time at the event and I immediately thought of where I would have liked to be fishing instead. Don’t get me wrong, the quest is great for what it is. I was able to snag the goblin token earlier today no problem. But there are few small things it can make a big difference like a few ideas of suggested before and possibly a small indicator letting Quest users know when it’s raining since they cannot actually see it like everybody else can that is on a PC.


I love my Quest :slightly_smiling_face:
But this and the weaker haptic feedback are a problem…


Yes I agree about the actual feedback. It’s a little jankie especially when fishing but even on the PC it’s not like Oldbus was.


This is way overdue and has been brought up many times. But the devs don’t care apparently, they already got the money.

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We understand this is a problem, and I think our current plan is to try and implement something on the map (possibly) or the player menu that will show you the time of day and the weather for the zone you are in currently to aid in the fishing.

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Weather & time on the new map for fishing

Good. At least is is know and your looking into it. Implementing something on the map would be good for everyone. But an indicator on the display indicating it is raining on the Quest specifically would help bridge the gap. Again I am totally aware of the limitations of the Quest and I accept them as I have 2 full of setups at my house. But just as a PC player wouldn’t have to open the map to find out it’s raining, something simple to indicate the same for Quest would make the game one more step closer to it’s PC counter part. Hell, I’ll even take a little blue dot on the display at this point. I’m not a game developer, but a blue dot(or some other designated color, or water drop if you want to get fancy) dosent seem like it would be to hard to implement. Again, this is just to bridge the gap. If I’m standing next to someone on PC and it raining, they see it. Quest users should see an indication of this too.

On the subject of fishing, the rod on both pc and Quest has too large of a grab box or something. I can be holding the rod and reeling in - let go while the line turns white - go to grab the reel again and the rod will swap to the reel hand and the only way to correct it sometimes is the just throw the rod on the ground to let it reset. Maybe make it so if the grip is pressed on the rod hand it won’t be up for grabs by any thing else. I guess it’s not a rod box issue but just a rod grab issue, if that makes sense.


Weather Rock Tool


That would work to. Haha! :grin::sweat_smile: