Any chance of a Cyber Monday promotion?


Hello there,

I have been watching this game for a quite while now, and I really want to give it a try.
The problem is that playing solo sucks, and my buddy (which plays online games with me) isn’t willing to buy it. Is there any chance of a Cyber Monday promotion? Like a promotion “buy one, get one free” or “buy one copy and get a super discount on the second one”?

Please, give it a thought. I don’t want to end up buying other games (instead of this one) just because of their promotions on this Cyber Monday. Also, such promotion could significantly increase the player base.


Yes please. Apparently there is a promotion for Orbus VR going on but only on the Oculus store and not through the steam store. Can steam be made equal ?


I’d like to second this motion. I’m a Vive user that does my gaming through Steam. I would like to get a friend of mine into the game but it never goes on sale through Steam. Is there any way around this?


please, promotion on Steam!! want to play this game


I’m with these guys here. My friends are interested in playing Orbus but the current price tag is a little high. Seeing that it is on sale in the Oculus store and both my friends have Vive HMDs it won’t work for them to buy it there. Please add the sale to Steam as well!


I am very sure neither Steam nor Oculus Home promotions are under control of devs, even the free weekend was a surprise for them and users :wink: so it would not help posting that here.


Very sure?

See .
Looks like the devs have, at least, some control of the discounts on Steam.

Discounting can be a valuable tool to help grow your audience and extend the life of your product on Steam.
We encourage you to participate in sales and take advantage of discounting tools where it makes sense for your product.
In general, we’ve found that there is a customer at every price point, and an effective discounting strategy can contribute to overall long term success on Steam.”


Yes very sure because it has been said here before (specially when the free weekend came up) but yea since monday passed I guess it’s not happening; the hundreds of playing hours Orbus provides tops each and every game in my library btw, no matter what prizing category, most are even below 10h playtime, so I don’t really understand the begging on forums just my 2 cents.


I have 2594 hours played time on steam, I think I’ve had my money’s worth :wink:


I guess no love for Vive owners then.


It’s just that it’s a real shame Orbus VR is missing out on so many potential players that have a genuine interest to try out this game but are scared off by the unattractive price on steam. I guess they don’t have marketing people on staff to explain internally that in the case of Orbus VR discounts and lower price models will lead to more revenue and more players…


Just going to point this out that they probably don’t want a lot of people swarming in especially since they are working on the Reborn expansion and don’t have the time to resolve their issues or concerns.


That’s a possibility: they don’t want to sell too much right now since they will launch the Reborn expansion next year.

Dunno if they are right though. Maybe they are, especially if there is no big concurrency (i.e., another big medieval multiplayer title) when the expansion releases.


Sales are wonderful, and I do understand that some folks might have budget constraints but the devs need to make money too or they wouldn’t be able to work on this awesome game.
If you look at it another way, Playstation and Xbox games seem to have a standard price of $80(Cdn) and up, often with little replay value after the game is beat. OrbusVR is still in development, with Reborn coming soon to offer even more content and as far as I know, it’s still priced at around $40(Cdn), I think that’s a great value for the hundreds or in some cases (@Rickness_Voidwalker ) thousands of hours of playability. :grin:

Keep an eye out, whether it’s a Steam sale or a free weekend to try out the game together, I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it. Or get the game yourself, you’re sure to meet some awesome new people in the game, and your friend could try it out on your system before taking the plunge :smiley:


I guess someday, and that day may never come, there will be a promotion on steam for OrbusVR. But until that day, we will patiently wait.


We should be on sale during the next Winter sale on Steam. :slight_smile:

No Winter Sale? Winter Sale was previously stated as "likely"

Now that’s good news :grinning::grinning::grinning:


That’s very good to hear. I bit the bullet last week and bought the steam version for full price before this announcement but I don’t mind. I expected something like this to happen with me missing the boat but so be it. I cheer for this action to bring some more players into the game that were on the virge like me :slight_smile:


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