Any Favorite Characters so far?

As the title suggests.

Who are you favorite NPC characters so far in the main story line? Who would you like to see more of further down the track?

Any questions you have on characters?

I’m terrible with names, but here goes: my favorite characters are Marcel, for his poetic nature and that chip on his shoulder the size of Elongata; Tinny, for her lovably crusty granny-ness; and the mysterious Healer in the cave, for the hidden possibilities he represents.

I realize the journal is already getting packed full with stuff, but now I kind of wish it had a conversation log, so I could revisit what these people have told me. For the moment, there’s no way to re-engage them and hear their stories a second time.

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We will be re-working where some of the lore is in the game, moving it to more of a world based approach to where you will be able to re-vist the information more than just once during the main story quest. Thats not saying that some things will only be learned through the main story quests but more of the deep lore/backstorys will be accessible more than just during quests/