Any new classes in the roadmap?

I’m not sure if I am allowed to even know but if I can, I would like to.

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We can all dream.
… In the meantime, what kind of classes would you have in mind?

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I’d like a boomerang class

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Hmm, truly a skilled class. Like show off, one must be able to master using the boomerang. I’d say make the boomerangs be able to hit more than one target so very skilled players can kill multiple enemies. Have an ability that allows a boomerang to hit an enemy twice (when thrown and when returned). Different types of boomerangs maybe? Or have it so orbs can be inserted into the rangs to affect it.

The ultimate could be a lock on to enemies and throw both your rangs to deal damage. Damage deal is less while more enemies locked on.

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I’d like another melee class besides Warrior. I’d also be happy if they just added a bunch of combos to Warriors, and allowed two handed combat by doubling the size and damage of their sword if they have nothing in their offhand. I’d change the talent trees to create a tank tree, and a DPS tree.

Rogue (DPS) leather armor wearing melee DPS class that uses weak points (like a Ranger) to do damage, and combos (like a Warrior) to create effects like stun, slow, weakness, armor break, silence, etc. Could go with the classic duel daggers/swords, and have limited ranged DPS from throwing their weapons (like a Bard). I see this as good mobile or stationary DPS as long as they can stay close to the boss.

Champion (Support), plate armor wearing support class that can share their health pool with another player, do small but fast single-target heals, and has some battlefield manipulation abilities like push/pull players in their group, creating temporary walls to block/reduce ranged damage, and maybe a battle resurrect. I’m picturing someone who can prevent some damage and make one-shots less likely, but not enough healing to overwhelm Musketeer/Bard.


I’ve wanted a dps melee class bit the damage blocked by players would make it hard for other dps to damage. Likewise, the ability to be party range is goid

@James_B2, I love it!


I don’t see how a new melee class would be any different from the two melee classes we already have. Bad players can block your shots no matter what class they play. This sounds like an opportunity for better teamwork, to me.

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Yea, I lot of people seem to think differently though. I don’t agree with them. Just put melee dps opposite the range dps. So they can’t block shots

Was thinking, there aren’t many melee classes.

(I’m not going to go in depth in talents and such)

The beserker: dual axe in hands, the beserker would rush into battle. There are two types of beserkers, bear-skins and wolf hides (possible talents?). Using battle-fury to heal

Calling their spirit animal (bear or wolf, chosen by talent) to their side.

Bear - Boost defence when active
Wolf - Boost attack when active

Performing rituals before battle (talants?) Would effect how they would fight.

As berserkers, their defense is low but there attack is high.

Making a dps that actually has to take some damage in exchange for battle fury to charge faster as well as attacking (balancing getting hit and dealing damage) this class would have a faster super charge time.

This class would be a glass cannon x3

I don’t see melee dps and I understand why. But I think it would be fun to go all out crazy in blood rage

Was my first class idea

Orbus really wasn’t designed to have a melee DPS class…

  1. It would get in the way
  2. would not be that productive (wouldn’t work on boss 2 of sewer, boss 1 and 2 of broken halls, boss 1 of airship, mist keeper, the stalactite boss, etc.)
  3. The game wasn’t made to support a melee DPS class. They tried to make a melee class that had an axe in both hands, but the gameplay mechanics weren’t fun and were very underwhelming, not to mention the fact that a class like that wouldn’t work for a lot of the content in the game, essentially making it a waste of development time and resources.

There will be situations where any particular class is either more or less ‘productive’ than other classes. I think that’s OK. There are always reasons not to do something new. I don’t think a couple specific fights are an insurmountable problem.

I don’t have a problem with melee players. Some people will keep body blocking like they already do now, and others will stand out of the way, or move to gain a clear line of sight. Positioning and teamwork are part of the fun.

I just came here to post ideas, it doesn’t really matter what I think. I’m sure they have a better development roadmap than, “Let’s see what the forum wants us to work on next.”

It is not a blocker. One solution is to turn off friendly hitboxes for melee classes for damaging spells whilst leaving the friendly spells on (this can be done quite easily with tags or layers in unity tbh) but I don’t think the dev team ever addressed why they wouldnt go with this solution and instead has seemingly been avoiding melee classes. :man_shrugging:

I’d like a class that focuses AoE attacks over single target attacks. So more moves that do splash damage/stuns rather than single target ones. I’m not sure yet how I’d like to see this incorporated. Maybe a Necromancer or even a Technomancer. Maayyybeee?

AoE Attacks

  1. An attack that come out from the body and attacks close targets.
  2. An attack that attacks a radius one time.
  3. An attack that attacks a radius over time.

AoE Status Effects

  1. An attack that stuns in a radius
  2. An attack that slows or freezes the enemies
  3. An attack that pushes and/or pulls back enemies

The super could be a bigger AoE that slowly damages enemies over time while healing and/or preventing damage from friendly players.

Talent trees could focus on Damage increase for one tree and the other focus on increasing Damage reflection.

One other class I think would be cool would be a turret based class. Like the musky but more dps focused. And only turret.

Or, have a support class that drops packs and boosts that drastically boosts or nuffs players and enemies. Dropped from the belt.

Maybe a tank class that feels like a tank x3 like, mobility is even less for a tank. A tank shouldnt feel like a speedy bullet sponge lel

How about giving the classes more options, equivalent and beyond to creating new classes?

boom. musky specialization/new items.

see above.

heavy knight (warrior). Though warriors already tank so well, balancing a tankier-tank seems tough.

Shaman/Warrior vibes

Paladin advanced specialization vibes

Ranger/Warrior? Boomerangs? lol could work. Boomerangs seem like your DPS would drop pretty harsh because you’d have to wait for it to return, it might be a useful ranged tool(not a primary weapon, or, the ability to equip multiple weapons at a time / weapon swap and this might have viable scenarios) but this would take some pretty intense theorycrafting on the dev’s part to make viable without just making an OP boomerang. Not to dash your dreams, just my initial thoughts.

etc, etc. I just personally don’t want to see like 10+ simple classes.


I agree with Ian_L. Instead of new classes id love to have new skills / more complexity / depth into current classes that exist. That would be awesome there are definitely tons of possibilities to make that happen.


I want a more stereotypical healer. thinking priest/cleric, they could use light/mana to think about. that´s also a solution for the spamming runemages if they want to “fix” it. give them mana to think about, different spells takes more or less mana, just a thought.

^This. Me and a friend of mine have always been into minion classes. They’re hard to balance, and usually hard to have a good UI for, but they can be super fun.

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Some of this is already in the game, or viable under certain conditions or viable in PvP or by talent resetting at certain bosses etc, etc.

If new classes are added, they probably need to unlocks like runemage in the old game. Everyone wanted runemage right away (it’s a selling point of orbus) so it was a little silly having it behind a quest in OG with only four classes. Now though, there are eight fairly complicated classes to try out. If a melee dps or something highly situational gets added or something that again has the complexity of mage, it probably shouldn’t be a starting class.

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