Any plans for updated graphics?


I’m just getting into VR myself as of this last week, and I’m really excited to get into OrbusVR. I’ve played a little bit of it, and I really enjoy what it’s going to be. There’s still some gameplay features I’m looking forward to getting to, but I wanted to know if the Dev team ever planned on improving the graphics of the game in the near future, or if that’s even possible?

I really am excited for the VR equivalent to GW or WoW, and the art direction and epic level graphic design is a huge part of diving into these worlds.

Can’t wait to spend more time with this, and thanks for all your hard work!


The graphics in Highsteppe (beginning town) were just updated today! The dev team have stated that they are working on updating the rest of the world with the new graphics design, but it’ll be gradual. :smile:


And sounds will be added accordingly too. But the over all art style will remain the same so dont expect a skyrim style orbus.


If you travel to old kingsport now(or was it town?) the updates graphics instantly gave me a vanilla wow feel so defintaly check that one out.


What do you mean by ‘improving graphics’?

Optimizations to make the game run smoother? Higher graphical elements to make the colors more saturated, the lighting more smooth, more graphical elements like transparent textures, etc?

Or something like more realistic graphical styles?

Some are more stylistic questions the other is more of ‘improving graphics’ for the sake of the stress on client side computer and host server.

They are certainly working on polygon reduction to make areas less laggy.


I am referring to a stylistic change towards more realism. I currently have all high settings, so it all looks crisp and clean. No worries on the client side here.


That’s a shame. I’m still very interested to see where it goes stylistically speaking, but that is kind of where I was hoping to see it go. Is that due largely to choice or limitations to VR as a whole? Or limitations of the dev team due to size?


Orbus obviously has a specific style in mind, but he thing that seemed to surprise me most though is with the simplistic style the performance is pretty atrocious. I’m not sure why this game seems to perform so poorly given the graphical nature, but here’s to hoping things improve a lot in the future. The recent patch seems to be a nice improvement in performance for sure. I’m not so sure the models are really all that polished though. Nice to finally be able to use some stairs and bridges though.


There was a video somewhere where Riley mentioned the style to be something like Zelda Breath of the Wild.

So not a Triple A tittle like The Witcher.


I’d be fine with that!


That’s what confused me a bit when I first started playing the game. I can play on Medium settings fine, and Standard runs acceptably, but I tend to get an annoying amount of ASW on anything above that (especially Ultra). The game looks like it could run on a toaster, so it’s a bit of a mystery why it dips below 90 FPS at all on high-end hardware.

Graphically speaking, games like Lone Echo are in an entirely different league – no, scratch that, an entirely different dimension – and yet they perform better. :stuck_out_tongue:


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