Anyone streaming tomorrow?

Is there an NDA in place for the closed alpha? If not, is anyone going to be streaming tomorrow? =P My coworker and I have to work Thursday-Friday and would love to watch a stream while diligently getting work done ^.^

2 people on the Orbus discord said they’ll be streaming tomorrow.

Awesome, any idea what their twitch channels are? (I am assuming they will be using twitch =P). Thanks Logan.

Hopefully they’ll post here if they’re aware people are asking, but your best bet to catch the action would be to join the Discord :slight_smile:

If you follow our Twitter account we will tweet about streams throughout the day as well.


That might be the reason I finally sign up for twitter.

I will try to stream tonight, but this is french, and I’m no pro streamer. My Twitch channel is wespel

I’m planning on streaming some

Thanks everyone. =) Totally looking forward to watching closed alpha action today. \o/

I will be streaming as well

Just wondering, can someone get me an invite into the orbus server on discord? - details are RichardM