Anything new in the last year or so?

Hey everybody. I haven’t got to play in a while and was hoping somebody could tell me what’s new in the game? I was using my htc vive to play but I haven’t been able to set it up and I just recently bought the quest2, which hasn’t came in yet. I was going to buy this again for my quest but before I do just wanting to know if anything new has happened in the last year or so. The last thing I remember was the lunch of Reborn which I played for a bit.

DPS got completely rebalanced, so all 4 classes are viable (although mage is still top dog).

Fall Festival is going currently.

Long Term Missions were implemented.

Devs hop in and play the game with the community more often.

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Oh nice. I’d love to give runemage a go again but man it makes my arm tired lol. I was thinking of starting over as a warrior. Not that it isn’t going to make my arm any less tired haha.