Appreciation post

Just wanted to say with the new farms added to Highsteppe I really like how the overall world is shaping up. To think the beta was so empty feeling and now we have Highsteppe; farms, sheep, world boss, Rainforest; explorers league village, Hulthines; port, world boss, dungeon, Lamavora; world boss, Wastelands; dungeon and passive mobs to all of the areas.

We started with strat-trees and purple dudes, got scavs added and then had the dlc with all the great looking areas and mobs in them. I remember the feeling of seeing the beta and how the world felt slightly dead and deserted. Now it feels more like a living breathing world.

So thank you devs for your hard work and continued updates. I look forward to seeing the world expand more in the future.


:sheep: Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it. We also love seeing the world filled up and feeling more alive as we go. :slight_smile: