April Fool's Day

Greetings, fellow Orbians

In 04/01, April’s Fool Day, as I logged in, I noticed that PinkFlyer, my dragon, was way larger than usual. “That must be the greatest glitch in OrbusVR evah!”, I thought. So as I saw other players with dragons, I noticed that all dragons were giant.


How come I didn’t hear comments here about this AWESOME joke?
This post is more about showing gratitude for that day. I really mean it, I loved it! Thank you, devs!


I second this! Had a lovely time posing my cuties for a chonky dragon photoshoot. Thank you devs for the fun weekend <3


Last year they changed dungeon boss names but I didn’t catch on as I was only a few months in and new to dungeons. Absolutely loved the dragons! Especially since the fancy players match them so it was fun to see and interact with. Teased some of the stickers who were true to their non dragon pets :grin:


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