Are healing potions still useless?

If healing potions work, I’ll definitely keep a few on me to fight elites and 30+ enimies.

Why should they be useless? Healing potions always worked (though they could be stronger… you still can not heal yourself up to full health, for example after unbending), we use them all the time in higher dungeons and as a backup for fights with no healer.
However, you will want the best, the finely aged blabla one, lower ones will indeed do nothing much for a Level 30.

Hmm, that’s probably why people say they aren’t worth it as normal. Well if they do help, I’ll use them in the over world.

finely aged enhanced concentrated healing potions i think they’re called

they are ok but I never use them, never needed them

except ive used them once or twice and pvp but I think its cheap to use them

but god that name is too much

last time i used them was in expert raid in oldbus.


In the reborn HM raid they can likely be useful for the tank on Clockwork, other than that not so much since there’s a healer on the others or you get onehit anyway. Tanks I know are using them mainly for high Temple shards, last boss, also for Sewer Slime it is very nice for everyone to have them, just in case; and for Muskys anyway, it does not happen real often, but 3-4 times I stood there with my turret overcharged, got poison, Ricardo or what not and could not let go without dying - healing pots are your only option in this situation.

So it depends on the class you play and of course if you don’t have imba mages in the group or otherwise lower dmg, going without a healer only works if everyone brings potions. I know Mines have been done like this which were not possible in time otherwise.

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Im mainly talking about using them against the red stared enimies in the wasteland. Those enraged assassin scabs are a pain in the rear. When soloing

the healing potions are useless unless aged


I’m in the same boat as Tman, haven’t used one since boss 5.

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The only thing useless of the best healing potion in game is the very painfully low renew effect that it has. Feeling like it is healing a total of less then 1% of your health :neutral_face: Please fix that devs :upside_down_face:


And I am talking about people who use them to get a +6 weapon, and/or another level 15 shard :smiley: - no seriously, it takes over half a month to age them, they were sold last for a minimum of 3k dram per piece, so wasting them on overworld trash is likely not a good idea. You would need more for that than you can carry, even in dungeons they are used for emergencies, special situations and bosses, only, not like regular use on every group.

I grind down the red stars with my musky or ignore grinding altogether btw, since my scoundrel regularly takes too much damage, I hate waiting for it to heal up all the time before pulling the next mob; and the shaman tends to pull too many.

True enough, it’s painful