Are ring affixes stackable and whats the Best choice?


Are affixes like empowered stackable if ive got 2 of those rings? And whats the Best choice of ring affixes as a ranger to deal the most average damage to bosses? Empowered or Elitehunter?


They don’t stack. Best choice is a bit debatable particularly because their impact is so slight. I know some like, empowered for dps, elite protector and Hunter are decent as well as a warrior I wear protector and forget the other ring.


OK so for most DPS i use one ring with empowered and the other one with Elite hunter.


Unless you have a reason to want an extra .1 second on your frost slow yes. There are a few fights that’s useful on. Also keep in mind that bosses are not elite so you won’t feel a benefit there.


I am NOT a mager, i Am Ranger, so i have no frost slow dude x.D


Well there you go then makes the decision a whole lot easier.


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