Are the colour patterns in the alchemy section of the wiki accurate?

Because I can’t tell when it’s a certain colour. (colourblindness)
I thought I saw orange the other day, but apparently it doesn’t even turn orange.

 Cool (Blue)
Lukewarm (Turquoise)
Warm (Green)
Hot (Yellow)
Scalding (Red)

I can’t make potions… x_x

Yes, this list looks accurate to me, also to note, there is a sound effect each time it changes color, hope that helps

FYI Adding in a feature that will help differentiate the colors for alchemy is on our list of features to be added to the game at some point in the future.

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Maybe for colorblind people you could add a visual aid like 1 Bubble in the liquid for Blue, 2 bubbles for Turquoise, 3 for Green, 4, for Yellow, 5 for Red.

Its not a permanent solution but i added a poster (like the ones with the ingredients behind the table) to the player house next to the alchemy table showing the order of the temperatures with the names and colors of each. Should help players even if they cant see which color is which to know the order they go in.

That should help out I would think. Thanks.

Thanks! That will help a lot.

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