Arena Bugs to look at

Arena Bugs

-about 30% of the time I was ported to the arena, I would be in the trees and would have to return to graveyard or logout
-about 70% of the time in the arena, the screen would turn white or black, I could still see the players and mobs, but really hard to see spells
-one of the times I ported in from cenn’s farm and when the arena was over I was ported out near the fishermans house. not sure how this could happen considering I haven’t been over in that area in a while

I got the nearly all white or black screen too, I think it matched with the time of day, white=day, black=night, didn’t take a screen shot, but instead of green ground it was solid white or black. Did find that it ‘fixed’ itself if I went to the center of the arena, the ground would turn green there.

I had problems with white screen as well, moving did help, if I was still alive haha. Also been ported to different location after arena and found myself half buried in the ground, after next arena been ported to correct location.

I had all those issues myself.

A few other bugs that happened to me in the arena:

  • I had the arena loading screen, but instead of loading into the arena, lakewood inn disappeared, but everyone who was next to me was still visible.
  • When returning to the overworld, it would spawn me in some pretty odd places. Such as in the middle of Kingsport Lake.

A few more examples of this was spawning by the stairs in Highsteppe, and outside Lakewood Inn. All these times, I had loaded into the arena from inside the Inn itself.

Only once I got spawned above the Arena I think.

Although looking behind me, it seemed like I was still in the Bar area (Which I think is instanced high above ground)

Lakewood Inn being a high in the sky magical floating house, confirmed!

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