Artificing mechanics

So artificing is the art of crafting tilesets based on player habits. If anything interrupts a set (incoming damage, healing, blocking) does that reset a tileset and you have to start over or does each tile activate no matter the interruption? If as a warrior I keeping taking hits or getting healed (life steal or by allies) I don’t think I’ll ever complete a tileset. Am I misunderstanding?

So the way that it is going to work is things that aren’t in your active set (e.g. incoming damage or an ability you use or whatever) I’m calling “interference.” How powerful the “proc” is of the tile set will be based on matching it but then will be reduced by the amount of interference there was. That way if you have a set on that mostly matches what you’re doing but not perfectly, it can still proc the buff, but then if you have one more closely matched it will be better.