Artwork Monday Comments



Guild city is gonna look amazing!! I hope the big fish near the docs get to stay. I like those fish.


Would you consider adding functionality to the ports such as to ship/teleport people to different locations?

This could have a dram cost of about 100, rune reagents sell for ~150-200 dram. But since it is one person it will be less convenient. The only problem would be making Highsteppe empty without okay players helping out.


Any new art goodies this week? :smiley:


Any new art this week? :smile:


Please more art?


I think we all keep forgetting about Monday art due to patches coming out on Mondays, I vote we change Monday art to Tuesday art and hope that it comes out on Tuesdays and not Wednesdays :joy:


Any chance this Monday (Tuesday) we could get some art related to raid please? like a little teaser :smiley:


Wonderful sketches!

Any chance that your art team / dev team could factor in “portals” so that areas that can be entered/climbed/opened/etc can be readily told apart from those which can not, and not just when using teleport though? That would be awfully nice (i realize this isn’t entirely the correct place to post this though, sorry)


This please :slight_smile: Really hyped for the new raids even if I won’t be able to play on the first few days :slight_smile:


confirmed raids are in Treasure Castle @thepunkwriter good job


can we see a boss? :smiley:


Bump :wink: It’s monday agaaaiinnn


I love this weeks art! Got a strange cuteness to some of them :grin:

As for the Q&A, what software/hardware do you use for drawing?


My question. Are there any plans to add new skyboxes(sky/moon/stars,cloudy weather,etc)?


Will the new guild city have a dedicated chicken pen and/or chicken sanctuary? Kevin needs shelter during those rough storms


More like we need the ability to cook curry chicken! :joy:


Kevin killed you once! He’ll do it again! I do love all the cool Easter eggs and litte stuff ingame. The frograt evolution and floating Kevin are amazing, but my favorite was the original arrival of Kevin


So for the next artwork Monday post (the Q & A) there aren’t too many questions yet. Be sure to post some others if you can think of them and ill get them to answer as many as possible.


Bump :grin: 20 characters


Bbbuuummmppp??? :smile: