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Maybe we’ll just get a double post after this weekend if we’re lucky :wink:



Robert: So artwork Friday is here again, I was hoping if I gave it a few extra days some last minute questions would be added, but we will drive on with the ones we have and a few extra.

Q: What do you consider to be inspiration for the game art wise?

Elijah: Lately, a huge inspiration has been Jim Hensons ‘Labyrinth’. I hadn’t seen it in a while, and I re-watched it a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how good the sets looked. Other than that, I think the more over-arching Legeng of Zelda and Edmund mcMilllen influences are probably pretty blatant.

Q: What programs do you use the most when modeling?

Elijah: I use Blender3D. I love open source solutions. 3D modelers, y’all should support blender.

Q: Whats your favorite NPC you have made, favorite monster?

Elijah: I really like Jasan as a character. I think The lizardmen are my favourite monsters, just cause they were the first creatures I worked on for orbus.

Q: Whats your favorite class to play in Orbus?

Elijah: Ranger erry day

Q: Whats your favorite game of all time, of course besides Orbus?

Elijah: Way too many to name, but here’s a couple: Timesplitters3, dark souls, phantom crash, final fantasy 7 + 9, the original far cry, pikmin 1+2, Street fighter alpha 2… I could go on for days. Pretty much any niche/budget game from 2001-2005


Oh I got one for you…

What was the inspiration for adding huge teeth to the aberrations? What was going through your head? :smile:


idk why, but that’s a really well-established part of my visual library, it shows up everywhere. If I had to take a guess, it probably comes from edmund and weird 90’s cartoons.

Edit: Oh! it was the maxx by sam kieth for sure. That comic imprinted on me -hard-.


Can we get a toothbrush for a sword skin? Those Kelpies need a good scrub!


Unrelated: I’ve started petting my cats head with a toothbrush, it’s her fav thing right now.

  • Labyrinth eh? - Gotta agree! Amazing movie for its time, and while the props are simple the effect is huge!

  • Blender… So hard to learn (like i felt about photoshop 20 years ago), but so powerful!


Bump? 8 days :frowning:




@Robert @Elijah_W You willing to ease my spirit (along with I’m sure so many others’) and throw something interesting our way? New GC remake, perhaps? :wink:


Fly over like we had for highsteppe would be awesome! Really interested in how the new mounts will look too :grin:


Sorry I’m behind on this thread, I think I might have to make it the Bi-weekly artwork thread, or better yet make it an artwork/screenshot thread for players can send in some screenshots of things from in game and can Highlight some of the cool/funny ones. But I will have a post done in about 15 minutes.


ah I remember the first time getting jungle gear. That zone was unlike anything we’d seen so far. Tiger jump best jump



But we don’t have legs! Will the mounts? :joy:


I’m still hoping for a spaceship mount.


What about a magic flying carpet?


Maybe the expert mode raid pet will be a mountable Dethslatu