Assorted Ideas for Runemage Updates


I’ve been playing Orbus VR for about a week now, and in that time I’ve become proficient in casting most of the Runemage spells. It is by far my favorite class. I plan to continue playing Runemage in Reborn; while the new classes look amazing, I will not want to sacrifice the versatility of Runemage.

The purpose of this post is to list a few assorted suggestions for Runemage updates. I’m not asking for any mechanics to be changed or spells to be balanced; instead, I wanted to suggest a few ideas I’ve had for new Runemage spells that I think would be fun.

1. Fireworks II & III: This one is not actually my idea. While browsing the OrbusVR Wiki, I came across an interesting description for the Fireworks Runemage spell:

“Level 2 and Level 3 versions of this spell will create more elaborate displays.”


I am not currently aware of any Level 2 or Level 3 versions of the Firework spell. However, I think it would be quite entertaining to master more elaborate versions of the Firework rune, that would produce bigger and more intricate explosions. Maybe the higher level spells could cast different colored fireworks, fireworks with patterns, or even multiple firework explosions at once!

2. Earth Spells: One element that no spells seem to utilize is the Earth. I have a few ideas for earth elemental spells, listed here.

The first is a spell called Quicksand; when cast, it launches a slow-moving projectile (similar speed to Fireball 3) that has limited range, and does no damage. If it collides with the ground, it creates a small trap area, causing any enemies that walk over it to slow down dramatically.

Another earth spell could be called Root, a self-buff that does not produce a projectile, and instead activates on the Runemage directly. This spell slows down the Runemage for a short time. During this time, the Runemage takes reduced damage, and deals increased damage to any ground-based enemies.

Sandstorm would be a spell similar to Arcane Ray; when cast, it would spray sand in a wide cone, with a chance to temporarily blind enemies and dealing mild damage.

A final earth spell idea is Stone’s Throw. When cast, it launches a volley of small stones along a curved path. While airborne, the stones cannot be moved by the Runemage’s wand, and are set on their path the moment they are launched. Higher level versions of the spell would involve larger stones, perhaps even boulders, that do not travel as far but deal higher damage.

3. Air Spells: If we have earth elemental spells, it only makes sense to have air elemental spells as well.

A Windbolt spell could behave similar to Ice Lance, projecting a remarkably fast spear of air directly in front of the caster, knocking back any enemy it hits.

Another air-based spell could be Reflection; when cast, it would create a small circular shield in front of the player that could be moved horizontally and vertically to block a single incoming projectile.

A final idea is a spell called Turbulence, used to provide a quick escape from a dangerous situation by launching the Runemage upward and in a random direction, giving them a few seconds to recover from a devastating attack. The movement would prevent the Runemage from preparing another spell while airborne, which keeps the spell balanced.

4. Polymorph II: Polymorph is one of my favorite spells. It is great for crowd control, and just plain fun to cast. If a Polymorph II were added, It could affect multiple enemies within a small splash radius, and transform them into not only chickens but other assorted farm animals as well (pigs, sheep, cows, etc.).

5. Entrance: This would be a really difficult spell to cast, because the outcome would be powerful. When a Runemage casts Entrance, a multicolored orb of light is projected from the wand; if it collides with an enemy, the enemy will become temporarily entranced, and follow the direction of the player’s wand for a short time. If it is bought near another hostile creature, the entranced mob will attack on behalf of the player. No new spells can be cast during the duration of the spell.

6. Healing Waters: Casting this spell causes water to spew forth from the wand like a hose, arcing through the air, and slowly healing any players it touches. I understand that Runemage doesn’t need any more support abilities, however, and this spell is unlikely to be added.

That’s all I have for this post! If anybody else has any ideas for new Runemage spells, this would be a great place to share them by replying to this post.


I like a few of these ideas. However sandstorm would probably end up unused due to low damage due to how arcane ray hits and how blind can reduce predictibility of bosses. Root would totally useless, we can already use mana shield on ourselves for a defense buff, even if it was not more powerful it would not help against aoes, if I could use it on the tank then it would be extremely good. Turbulence would be really powerful in some mage’s hands and useless in others, this is due to the motion sickness that can be caused by it and the fact even if a comfort option was added those who don’t use it can cast spells as they escape towards their foes, or cast another turbulence to randomly fly until they are safe. Entrance would be unusable st high levels due to the inability to cast, if you could cast I can see it being used, however it would only work on adds so it would still not be too useful.

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