Auction house API

It’s been over 1.5 years since the auction house API was disabled, at the time you said you wanted to bring it back as soon as possible.

Could we get an update on this? Has it been put off for good, or is it actually coming back at some point?


I never realized that it was ever available publicly, but there have been many times that I wished there was something available like this.


Still wondering about this, it’s fine if you don’t have time to fix it right now, but some sort of update on what’s happening with it would be much appreciated.


I’d love to see the auction house API enabled again. It would be so handy to see what’s currently available there, I’d totally write a tool for that.


Sorry about my ignorance, but… what does the API do? Or, what should it do?

The API publicly shows game data. You can use it for example to see how many players are online, or look up the equipment of any player. It’s in a pretty raw format, technically human-readable, but mostly to process with other software. For example, your character’s raw data can be found here. There are some tools created by the community that use that interface and show the data in a form that’s better readable to humans. The best tool for looking up characters is currently aRkker’s Armory.


Oh wow!
I knew about the Armory, @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka told me about it on my first days here, but not the API. It’s quite charming to see how some names we use in game can change in other data sources

It took me a while to say that Gambler is the actual Scoundrel. I was reading “Snowboard” until I realized “Swordboard” is the Warrior (ROFL!) and there are levels for non-existing classes. Are there plans for more classes? Or they were canceled classes? (to mention them: barbarian, fisher, unarmed)

My my, I love those type of data. They’re not easy to read, that’s true, but they tell a lot. Thank you for that worthy information

Now that you mention, btw, some players in the Armory have a “verified” green checkmark on their names. How do they get that?

Fisherman and unarmed were both in Preborn (although you couldn’t deal damage), and Barbarian was the “proto Bard” that never made it to the live game


You log in with discord on the armory and there will be a verification option for you to link your discord to your character.

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+1 we need a market app, having to physically walk to the auctioneer to check availability/pricing every time I want to is less than ideal

Can we please get an update on this from the devs? :pray:

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I had been holding off replying hoping that we would have time before the end of year to get this back in, but I don’t think were going to get to it until next year.


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