Auction House Confusion

I read up on using the Auction House and I bid on a couple of items and I put a couple up for auction myself. How do I know when my bid has been beaten by another player and what the current bid is on that item? The timer passed and I had no idea whether I won or who won or what the final bid was. That is frustrating.

Also, the items I put up for auction were not up on the board anymore. I understand from the posted rules that there would be Dram in my received box for the winning bids. But, there is nothing in the box – no money, no items, no nothing. And nothing in the bid box. I don’t know if I lost the items or sold them.

I think the auction system needs to have a log for the players and their items.

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When you get outbid, you usually receive a message that says you’ve been outbid. You can see the current bid by going back to that item on the auction house. It shows who and what the current top bid is.

To get your dram, put something (literally anything) in the auction chest like you’re putting it up for bid. This will refresh the page and you can retrieve the money. If the item didn’t sell, it’ll be in the chest across the room.

Wow. That mostly worked. Thanks. I got my money withdrawn. But, I am still disappointed that I never knew the final selling price (I sold several items at once). And, I don’t always remember what I bid on, so it would be nice to have a log to look at.

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