Audio cues for abilities?

I find myself glancing down often as ranger to see if my arrow abilities are ready for use yet. I would love for there to be some kind of (maybe optional?) audio cue that indicates an ability is up, maybe for ranger specifically you could have 4: one for the charge shot, one for the trap, one for the left arrow and one for the right? That way I can keep my visual focus on what I’m fighting and my movement instead of trying to look down every second to see if my arrow abilities are ready.


I really dig this notion, especially for our ultimates… it’s very hard to tell at a glance if our ultimate is ready to go, or nearly ready to go, so an audio cue would be a great addition.__

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I’d really like the cooldown icons for the special arrows

While we are on audio ques would it be possible to get some for the airship? Like an “all aboard” call when it arrives and you are on/near t the platform, and maybe a notification when you get to a stop?

Reason I ask is that i generally take my headset off for a moment while waitin for the ship and often will miss it or my stop lol

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