Audio issues? Affecting the social aspect of the game

I play with maybe 5 or 6 other people - we all bought the game together. Every time we’re in game, someone’s audio inevitably has problems after a few minutes. ALWAYS. Either they can’t hear anyone or cannot speak. Relogging usually fixes it temporarily.

We understand the settings which are correct, and it has happened on extremely varied systems and devices (Oculus/Vive), so there is no point in posting specs here. This is some fundamental issue.

I’m honestly surprised this isn’t one of the top comments. I guess most people do what we do and just get on Discord. That said, it completely kills any social aspect of the game for us beyond our group. Which this is ultimately going to kill the game if it’s not corrected. Discord isn’t a fix for the broken audio system.


I’ve noticed this issue myself. However it doesn’t affect me that much. I believe it has something to do with the server being loaded. It isn’t as bad early in the mornings. What I would like is an option to increase or decrease someone elses volume. It’s almost impossible to hear some people in this game, because their mics/voice are so low. Also would like to have online statuses for fellowship. Something like the friends system should work.

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Whats weird to me is that I only have this issue when i use the compass, next to someone its alot less frequent.

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I mean…we can only fix issues that are reported to us, so since you are now reporting it, we will attempt to fix it.

Is this what you’re also talking about, Andre? The compass party or fellowship voice as opposed to proximity?

I’ve had problems with the voice chat when talking through the compass as well. It seems like people will drop off mid sentence and that sometimes they can’t hear me talking either. It might be a player issue, letting the compass drop down too far and they start talking in area chat instead, or there might be some bugs in this, I’m not sure.

Personally, I’d like to have two features added to voice chat that I think could help. I walk around with my voice chat muted because I can’t keep my mouth shut when something happens (failed cast, dog barking at the door, etc) so I’d really like a push to talk so I don’t have to constantly go into the settings and enable voice chat. Another option I’d like, is to set the default chat to party chat while in a party.

Can’t say I noticed this when using the compass. It generally just starts with someone a few minutes after logging in, standing around. Seems totally random, so I’m not sure how to really troubleshoot it as there are no errors or anything obvious to recreate other than just starting the game and logging in.

It may not be as common as I thought? But out of our group, we all have such different set ups, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more people just aren’t mentioning it or chalk it up to growing pains.

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