Auto run optional

Per Riley’s request from a tangential thread, I’d like to request that autorun have a UI option to disable it.

I personally find it more hindrance than help in most situations as I accidentally activate it while kiting.



I undersign what i’m going to call a petition hence forth since i also find autorun to ironically be a hindrance

i’m not going to explain the irony

an option is the best case scenario, i’m not aware how you vive users actually use free locomotion with your touchpad. but i find pressing a stick forwards on the rift touch controllers to be entirely non fatigueing. i can do it all day. as soon as autorun activates i can no longer steer and i can no longer seamlessly blend strafing into the mix to counteract my head steering so i can look around.

Noted :slight_smile: I will look into adding an option for it.

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