Autorun Request

Would the idea of autorun ever be made as a feature for users? In the past some of us have used glitches to try to autoslide. It may be nauseating to a few but I personally really miss autorun. After hearing some complaints about walking everywhere, track pad mis-calibration , and others I wanted to open the idea up.


It also greatly increases our controllers lifespan :stuck_out_tongue:

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walk and press the grip button should put u in an auto run

I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll try it out. Thank you!
Edit: Wow it does still work. Before I had to be running and putting my gun away.

So…I guess this thread is now a please don’t remove said feature thread? :grin:

I beg to differ xD its a bug. Please remove it :frowning: it’s really uncomfortable when this happens cause it always happens when u didn’t mean to do it. It makes me nauseous :frowning: a real INTENDED auto-walk feature would be better for sure :slight_smile:

The “Press Grip While Sliding to Auto-Run” has always been a feature since like the earliest builds of the game, I just think it wasn’t well-documented.

However, it is a bug currently that this happens when you are trying to grab an object such as the Compass or Pickaxe on your belt. It should ignore those grips. So I will work on that.

Grat news! Thanks so much Riley!!!

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