Back bug forever!

Can we please have back bug as a permanent weekly affix. It would be very fun


Haha April fools!


there is a special place in hell for posts like this


hell 1 2 or 3?

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What happens in Green Hell stays in Green Hell!

It would also be great if we could get a new bug as soon as one is removed as opposed to waiting a full 10 seconds. Please and thanks.


can we also have two bugs spawn on everyone’s backs every cycle?

I haven’t seen Golden Egg in the rotation for quite some time. Be a shame to have all that programming done but not see it in game!


be a real shame. MOVING ON, how about that upcoming dungeon?

I see this post has only the best most serious suggestions. so why dont we change back bug into a minor affix so more people get to experience?
that along with it having 100% uptime and 2 bugs is better than 1 as others suggestion would be better-er


You know what’s better than 2 bugs? …3 bugs :scream:

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i don’t have an issue with back bug its not really a hindrance for me
so let get it

idea, we just make a back bug that’s just a mini water wyvern fireball. it appears, and two tics the host, and party wipe

Back bug as a pet that deals 1 point of damage per second

We can def change that :thinking:


Haven’t seen golden egg since I started playing orbus

Yesss I would like to experience this

Golden Egg was removed because the last update to it broke shards. Needs to be fixed and then re-added

I thought it was because it broke the player base lol

This, but unironically.