Bandit system question/concern

Quick question about the bandit system. Can bandits use portals? If they can and there are no guards at portal stones, couldn’t a bandit, in theory, just port to a stone and hang out in a safezone? I think it would be awesome to be able to send squads if bounty hunters to different stones hunting the bandit on the run, but if you can’t attack in safe zones you’ll just be staring at him unable to attack. Thoughts?

So, you can’t use portals in the Wilds. The whole idea is that you have to venture into them, collect valuable things, and then make it back out with them. Allowing you to just use a portal as soon as you got what you wanted or became a bandit would defeat the purpose.

If you’re a bandit, you can choose to leave the Wilds via foot, but there are guards on the outskirts of the zones you enter after leaving the Wilds, and guards will attack bandits on-sight from pretty far away.

So I guess basically the point being, the idea is that if you have something valuable, you have to get it out on foot. If you’re a bandit, you should essentially be stuck in the Wilds until either someone kills you or your timer runs out.

The one difference to this I’ve mentioned in the past is that we want to have a system where if you become a Bandit a lot you can become Notorious. If that happens, then the system would generate a bounty on your head, which is separate than the normal Bandit system in that the bounty stays on your head even when you’re not actively a Bandit (so that might involve hunting people down outside of Wilds areas). But we haven’t fully fleshed out that system yet so I don’t know when it will be implemented.


Perfect thanks! That’s what I was hoping

Just to clarify, you only lose your trade-able goods, not dram right?

Good question. Will we get dram storage in our player house? Right now it’s just on us

Yes only tradable goods will drop. No equipment, nothing soulbound, no dram, etc.