Barbarian/melee character suggestion

I played in the second part of the stress test that happened a couple weeks ago, and i was very impressed by it as a whole, and had a ton of fun. saying that, i didnt really play the bararian class because the way it was just like a rythem game didnt appeal to me, so i have some suggestions.
one is to make the sword not able to do much damage, except when u charge hit(hold back over you shoulder for a time) or something like that to stop people from spamming the dps. another is to make the melee character not a dps, and just a straight up tank, using what i said above as well
one more specific thing i have to add is a attack for the sword i think would be great. its where the sword extends(either a beam or the sword itself) so it can do some damage at a bit of a range. kind of like the new vr game arcane which is where i got the idea from(and i am placed #1 in it)

thnks, and i cant wait for the next test!

We’ve actually scrapped the Barbarian class for now. It was just too hard to get the whole “beat-based combat” thing to sync up well if you had any amount of lag.

What we’re moving to now is a “sword and shield” archetype. It has features very similar to what you’re describing…basically you can just swing your sword however you want, but how much damage the strike does depends on how you swing. So if you just “waggle to win” you will do very little damage, but if you swing hard and in large arcs you do a lot of damage. Then there are some things we’re doing with the shield as well that we’re really excited for both for PvE and PvP gameplay.

We should have a video showing it off to show before the next stress test, and you’ll be able to test it out yourself January 5th.

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Did you think about client base validation doubled with a network one ? (eg, async -partial- double checking)
It allows to limit the lag influence, but still avoids cheating (as it is the main problem with client-side validation)

It could even free a bit of charge from the server, using heuristics to check behaviour instead of full server-side validation.

I’m sorry to interfere this way, but I really like the idea of the timing based combos, like in Age of Conan.

There will definitely still be a class in the future with a timing based combo, don’t worry! :slight_smile: The Barbarian as-designed just wasn’t really fitting what we wanted to do for the tanking class. But let me tell you about this idea we have for a Monk… haha


First of all very impressed with the vr mmo fighting mechanics which you guys are basicly creating =) to be truthful havent had a chance to attend any of the stress tests yet, but ive seen a lot of gameplay on youtube. Love the feel that the game brings (that in-game menu is so SAO) and the fact that you understand that VR games need to be more immersive through interactability with the world and not by pushing extra buttons on controllers.
I have an idea on how to improve the game experience for melee players. There should be a charging mechanic with melee weapons, something like in Sword Art Online, where you pull your weapon back behind you or to the side, hold it there to charge, while blocking with your shield for example, then slash or thrust it forward for increased damage. Then melee combat would feel so much more immersive then just swinging you sword at the enemy in the same repetitive manner, haptic feedback is very important too, when blocking hits with a shield, hitting the enemy with your sword or charging your sword… As to other possible melee classes a system of combos can be used, if a problem with lag exist to initiate timed hits, you can replace them with specific directional hits, like from the side, from above, from below etc. the player has to initiate a correct combo to deal extra damage…

I look forward to seeing how other classes will eventually come out as the existing play styles are expanded and yet also refined!

Also if you’re sticking with Rhythm combat as a style to implement at some point, forget the monk: give me Guitar Hero-esq powers for a bard who rocks his lute like a D&D champ :smiley:

Though the ideas behind monk styled combat which uses tai-chi styled movement would be fantastic and lean more towards the same implementation of spell casting. It also would group itself under the same ‘talents required for that role’. …and look awesome (daydreaming of Avatar :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Rift used a Bard as a “support” class; that would really well for the “Guitar Hero-esq” type play!

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