Bard bolts not hitting dungeon bosses (and other mobs)


Bard damage bolts go through certain mobs.

  • I’ve noticed it primarily with the Rat boss in the sewer, the first boss in the Lich King dungeon, and the second boss on the airship (if I’m remembering correctly). I don’t use DPS much outside those three, and I’m not 100% certain the airship boss is affected.
  • I’ve also noticed this on the top-heavy purple monsters without a tank buster (can’t remember the name, sorry!) in Lamavora only if I’m sitting on the floor.
  • The bolts will also go over the top of certain wildlife if I’m standing (foxes are the most common). The bolts will hit normally if I’m kneeling or sitting on the floor.

This is true for both damage crescendos as well as the bolt attack instrument. The damage over time instrument works normally (but not it’s crescendo).

I experienced all of these this past weekend (5/11-5/12), though they’ve been happening since Reborn launched as far as I can tell.

It looks like this was reported back in January, but it’s still a problem:

Bard can't damage bosses with crescendo

I also noticed this while playing bard, I play it while sitting down and it doesn’t hit some of the bosses


I’ve reported the same thing in the bard bugs thread. Personally for me I have to make myself taller (by standing up or adjusting play space) in order for me to have a 100% chance to hit the enemies with those bolts. Otherwise they just go straight through them, even though visually it looks like it would have been a hit