Bard buff crescendos useless in end game content


the bard has no place in end game content, its healing is sub par first of all, granted its even and more widespread, but the biggest issue is the buff crescendos, specifically the poison and projectile damage reduction. these should undoubtedly work on the bosses in the raid, bards already cant heal a tank in shards above a T8 but shouldnt they have a place in the hard raids? the poison effects and seismics don’t necessarily come from the bosses but i still feel the bard should be able to mitigate that damage a bit


Yes they can and they are fine. Just practice more dude.

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I’ve done many T10s with a bard for a healer. More practice and better timings should fix your problems.


I play bard on some bosses in hard mode raid. It seems to work pretty well. It isn’t needed for all bosses, but on some it seems to be very helpful :woman_shrugging:


While the bard is nowhere near the powerhouse of healing they turned the Musk into (Perm AOE Sheild, Cure Wounds, Renew), you can run T10’s with the bard. It does require your tank to be super reliable though. Bard is my main healer in shards. In HM Raids, I can say that I only swap to my bard for 1 boss, the other bosses I’m on my Musk.

I will say the bard lost all of its zazz in the Musk update though. It certainly could use a bit of tuning and love like the Musketeer got. Either up the dps or tune the crescendo cooldowns.


I prefer musky, purely for personal reasons, but iirc, @Indiana_Mishka_Jones from Monday Knights is very…passionate about bard being the best healer class.


I’ve done several t10s with a bard as healer, and they all went perfectly fine

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This topic was supposed to be about the bards shortcomings compared to the musky in the raids. Specifically Bard’s buff crescendo’s doing nothing. I only brought up the shards because muskies are much more reliable tank Healers


Yeah, a bunch of the cresebdos and orbs are pretty much useless. Main things you ever really need is harm, gentle healing and cure orb. And I do wish there was more use for the other orbs, but regardless of that, there are situations where a bard healer is preferable especially taking into consideration the constant 5% damage boost and the 20% damage boost from the ultimate gives every now and then.

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except muskies give a constant 10% dmg increase constantly with weakness orb. Bard ulti MIGHT come up once a boss fight

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weakness is 5%, not 10% and it’s not something you can bring to every fight


So…I ran two level 10 shards last night, a level 9 last night, and a Hard Mode Raid today all as Bard. In the dungeons, I was healing just fine and it was never an issue. In the Hard Mode Raid, I was requested to run Bard to keep everybody up.

Bards have a constant 5% damage buff to all allies without having to equip a specific orb and sacrifice heals, and the Ult grants a nice 20% bonus to damage AND healing.

I don’t mean to be rude, but mate, you need to play more Bard and get much better at it if you think they can’t keep up.


In raid Some fights requier bard, some musky, not that strange? Shure a few orbs need some love, just like Ranger arrows need some love, and Sharman totems. But I would not call it unplayable. It’s a strong group healer, and definatly has a place in high level content.

Bards random heals going in alphabetical order to players is a bit odd

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As others said, most endgame-bards use harm and the 2 healing orbs, that is it. But this is mostly due to the other orbs really not working well, it could use some buffs and rework just like the musky got.

Also I rarely or never change out those 3 orbs because the bard still bugs out when changing instruments, it takes alot of equipping, unequipping, sometimes even dieing until the tunes are back in place etc.

On a general note, some of the “old” classes got alot of attention while the newer slipped thru the cracks. Rangers got buffed so average rangers can easily compete with average mages, scoundrels are consequently nearly erased from the endgame, least in groups I play. Warriors got taunting and self-heal abilities which are still simply missing for Paladins and make groups real challenging, specially for the healers.
Now Bards have some advantages, but imo it fully depends on the tank if it works out on high shards with a bard or not. If you play in groups with top tanks (mostly warriors) who really don’t need a shield orb or much heal at all, it is not an issue. With average tanks or most paladins I played with it can be; the bard is too weak for those and the lack of control adds to it. It’s especially hard in groups where the dmg dealers also take dmg (when they should not); the musky can choose to ignore that ranger who got hit by a bolt and just unbended and shoot the big heal to the tank after all, the bard can just release it and pray it arrives at the tank.
@Burnator alphabetical what really… I definitly thought the order is it heals the lowest hp people first or so it’s at least meant to be.


Everything I’ve read (haven’t played it) said that they’re “smart heals” that heal the person with the lowest total health, so the person with a high max but low health may not necessarily get heals before someone with naturally low health with less damage on them, similar to how musky’s turret heals.


If everyone is “full hp” then it goes off alphabetical order within range. So pre-“casting” bard orb before a hit is incoming might not work as you hope it’d.

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Learn something new every day. Also gives me personally more reason for me to stick to my musky. Lol.

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