Bard crescendo bugs

I recorded some bard bugs and how they can be worked around. Is bard on the list for a debugging week? hopefully this helps to diagnose some issues, I think its a UI issue of it not updating to show properly.


Another fix for the first bug you pointed out,

If you pop it and it still remains, You can also pop a separate crescendo and it will update all of the instruments and make the bugged one return back to its uncharged state. So if you pop a heal when needed whilst you’re orb is bugged, it should also fix as well.

And yes please!! This is a really bad bug. Especially when a majority of bard’s ability to heal is dependent on knowing when your heals will be up. I hope to see this fixed soon!

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Please fix. I refuse to play Bard in raids because of this bug.

Thank you for recording it and for the information.
Bard crescendos are definitely on the list for a debugging and fixes, hopefully we can get it resolved in the near future.