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Hi, sorry I’m late! I’m really excited you’re bringing the Bard fantasy to Orbus but I had some thoughts as a long time backer. Making this a separate post as I was a bit late to the feedback thread and I don’t think anyone’s reading. Here we go:

Heya. I’m huge into Bards of all kinds so, first and foremost, thanks for including them in Reborn.

Second, I will say that I don’t find the xylophone that exciting; as an instrument or as a concept. I think the idea of a large, unwieldy percussion instrument a bit too far off from my Bard fantasy (which, I get, may not be your fantasy or someone else’s fantasy). However, I understand why it was chosen. My bard fantasy most certainly revolves around small, mobile string instruments; Lutes, Mandolins, or even guitars.

But I’ll also provide my own concept for how this would work. I’m sure the team has also agonized over this, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m imagining an air guitar of sorts. Depend on handedness, one controller would be used to strum the air, while the other would be used to monitor inputs; trigger, touch, or grip. Alternatively, the position of the left controller relative to the body may indicate which “note” is being played. Think Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but floating in front of you.

Alternatively, this could be used to implement a fiddle or a violin type instrument, wherein the positioning is a bit different, but largely features the same style of play; one hand works the bow, and the other moves up and down a series of notes. Maintaining a consistent strumming rhythm could yield bonuses.

Anyway, very excited for a Bard, regardless. Worst case, I’m hoping the xylophone approach is just the beginning of their design.

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Feedback from Beta 4 regarding bard.

Loves the class, and I think tye choice of instrument is bold and a lot of fun. In regards to the way it moves in your field of vision though seems a bit off. It seems to have a left and rightmost limit but can slide within a small range. This is frustrating when it gets off center and you basically end up shaking your head no to recenter it.

Bard damage spells are fun, I enjoyed the passive effect a great deal, but aiming Instrument of Justice’s crescendo effect is a nightmare due to the zigzagging.

Changing between instruments mid combat is cool, but deselecting one is too easy, perhaps a lock option or require a trigger press to change selection would help.

I love the dagger marshmallows. The art for all the new weapons is great, art team should be proud.


I think there should be a handle to grab onto which lets you reposition it around you, while it just stays where it is until you move it manually. As it stands now, aiming it isn’t fun, it’s just frustrating.

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