Bard increasing freedom and creativity



So I was thinking about the Bard class the last few days. And I am really hoping the class will go in a creative direction. What do I mean with that? Well currently you are forced to hit certain notes to trigger your abilities. These are forced upon notes where you as the player have no control over. What I am hoping for is that this changes to the ability to make your own songs while actually playing the class. I heard people talk about having default songs to play which would trigger the abilities. But I would like to see a more free-form way of the Bard.

A way to implement this is, you as a player can either pre-customize your notes before battle. Which I like but is still more limited and less free-form then my next idea.

So instead of forcing the player to hit a specific note, you bring down a bar you have to hit on any note to keep the bard playing. I would also like to see a silent note as option then. This way you give the Bard freedom in battle to play anything you want. Well obviously this will make the bard simpler then before and will make it less challenging if you keep it like that. So adding mechanics like how more precise on timing how more rewarding, being rewarded for hitting a note sometimes that is not on the bar (but punished if done too much) would help make it more engaging. Also when the abilities would trigger faster then the current long charge time you would get an interesting dynamic between hitting notes and releasing the abilities in between.

But knowing people they will probably act on the route of least difficulty which will be playing the same note over and over. So maybe a combination of forced notes for a song combined with the ability to free form hit notes would be a better fit. And then it would make it even better if you would customize those songs in the future.

In my opinion it would be really cool to have the free form Bards because this will make every Bard unique where you can hear their own unique play method and songs in battle :grimacing:


So correct me if I interpreted this incorrectly. You want changes which will:
A) Allow you to select which composition of notes the bards play to activate spells (with limitations to stop monotone songs).
B) Make the bard xylophone a correctly tuned and scaled one that can be played interactively.
C) Add in precision mechanics which increase the effectiveness of the skill the closer to perfect that the user gets.

My thoughts:
A) This could be excellent. incoming 1000 renditions of despecito.
B) The same track playing over and over again (which is already horrible) surely needs to be changed to something much more dynamic anyway. That is going to drive everyone crazy at end game otherwise.
C) Rangers have it and runemages have it. Why not drive the skill cap a little higher for Bards by adding it?


Yeah you understood it completely and explained it in an easier to read format :smile: :+1:


Full umpa lumpa song coming up for @Rickness_Voidwalker


Guess I gotta start practicing star wars main theme