Bard Mechanic Suggestions


As a music teacher I was excited to play some of the bard, here are some suggestions I have.

  • Can we make the notes on the xylo a pentatonic scale if there is 5? Basically the black keys on a piano. And if you match up the background music in the same key, no matter what notes you hit they will sound ‘right’ with the background music.

  • The dropping ball/ ‘rock band’ mechanic was disappointing. I think mage is fun because you have to learn/memorize the patterns. Why cant we have small songs/melodies that need to be played to charge up the balls? This would allow the bard to control what they charge, and as they get better it would make them more adept. Waiting for the balls is so slow, I think learning/playing melodies would be more fun.


I 100% second this. This would solve most of my problems with the class. I’d also wish for more instrument skins/sounds, the xylophone for my taste is a terrible instrument. It’s VR: make us learn your songs/list of notes and let us play ours in an immersive way. Looking at the xylo interface and playing a simplified version of dumb Guitar Hero instead of looking at the fight was extremely non immersive and also rather annoying for me personally.


Or have an option to turn bg music off while still having sfx on for your notes. I noted that last time already, it is very distracting for people sensitive to harmony that the bg music is not fitting to the notes you play. I turned everything off rather, but with only visuals the class is harder to play.


Although I agree with the first part of this post and would love a full scale, The devs have already been told about there being patterns you have to play (rather than what we have now) in a previous beta feedback. Might not be exactly this but it was mentioned and the devs responded that they had tried it and it was quite challenging to complete in combat, especially with having to dodge things.

Also the guitar hero style is incomplete. As of now with most orb combinations it will simply be, “play this note three times, then play this note three times, etc…” When in reality when it is complete it will be more complex depending on what orbs you activate.