Bard Res Please!

Humbly may the bards put forth to the kind people of the land and great Devs of Lore, a suggestion that a resurrection ability is greatly needed and currently lacking.

Perhaps, in fact an affix has gone missing from our mallets, resulting in this affront. Not to mention the many tragedies in battle we have suffered from our sad current state.

Please, O Great and Glorious Devs!! Grant us a boon!! Bestow upon us, the bards, the ability to revive our fallen mates! It’s in our nature and cruelty beyond cruelty to deprive us.


Bards have been relegated to second-class healers due to this lack! Why should Musketeers get all the respect when we are just as dedicated to saving lives?

Bards of the land, band together! Raise your mallets with pride! Help the Great and Glorious Devs see their oversight and join the campain to Resurrect our fallen in battle!


Bard is a far more difficult class to play proficiently, and it gets less healing capabilities. Having a res on a shorter cooldown would make sense :slight_smile:

Especially with DPS classes getting better res capabilities (mage) and stronger shielding (shaman).


THIS!! I have dedicated myself to being the best bard I can be. I have spent almost my entire in-game time (many hundreds of hours) battling enemies from around the realm and in dungeons. I have researched armor, weapon, and ring affixes. I have +5 legendary mallets and made tile sets. I have learned to brew and age all 4 enhanced potions.

I am a decent and dedicated bard, but I still cannot heal a successful Normal Mode Citadel Raid and am usually not welcome to try. I can understand the group not wanting me to be there, because a tank res is absolutely necessary for anything but the highest level DPS/Tank player groups.

The higher level game play effectively excludes players who have dedicated themselves to Bard because we cannot control who gets our heals and cannot res our tank when our heals are stolen.

Please give us a res. Thank you.


You can certainly heal all shards, both Guild City raids, and the normal mode Citadel as a Bard. I haven’t played enough Hard Mode citadels yet, but boss 1 is definitely doable as Bard.

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This is 100% needed. So many dungeons in which we lose that one vital DPS that needs a res to finish off the boss. Or maybe the tank accidentally takes a tank buster with no way to heal it.

Furthermore, Maybe perhaps like the bard’s entire kit, the Res could be AOE? As whatever is in the circle around the bard when he preforms his res music, will get res’d after the song is finished.

Nonetheless, I feel as bard is SO close to being a viable healer in all forms of content without treading on the boundries of what makes Musket so good. It just needs that little push, With a res and a few patches to mess with some instruments, I feel as if Bard will finally be viable.

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I 100% agree, I have healed all dungeons on higher content as a Bard as well as all raids including hard-mode.

I think what he was mostly referring to, is if you aren’t known as a good bard, people will usually take anyone else. Even if they can barely heal. When I was starting my Bard career it happened a lot before I got to where I am now.

So newer bards without any sort of presence in the community usually get shunned away from that higher content.


You have no issues keeping a group of decent-but-not-elite players alive in the citadel without anyone providing a Musky res?

Maybe it is just because I’m still not good enough, or maybe because I am not on the elite players ‘favorite healer’ list. Either way, it is sure discouraging to be constantly made aware the group would be better off if I wasn’t there so a Musky could take my place. -.-

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For bosses 1,2, and 3, I can keep a competent group alive, yes. Boss 4… I need another healer or support paladin.

But ya, until we get a res we’re always going to be second class healers and that hurts :frowning:


Yes please, I would love to be able to throw (& sacrifice for a short time) both my mallets on a dead player to rez them.


One thing I would worry about in giving bard a shorter/separate combat res cool down would be letting players stuck combat to switch classes and res players more frequently.

I personally think both musket and bard should require you to play the class for a bit and reenter combat before you can res. This would force DPS players to swap roles with the healer to prevent having multiple healers and I think would overall feel a lot less cheesy. Ultimately it would be a big change that might upset some older players who are used to how it currently works so I’m not really holding my breath on it.

Regardless I think would be fair and in flavor with how bard is supposed to work to make their res more powerful in some way (shorter cooldown or targeting multiple players) but make it something you have to build up to.

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I think if the ultimate was an aoe combat rez that would be cool!

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That is a great idea actually. Like for the musky res you sacrifice the life well orb until it regens.


I think that would make the bard to overpowered for res since even if everyone else is dead once your super is charged the whole team could get back in.

The size of the AOEA would effect that.
The muskie has an AOE rez with a long timer…
A way it might work is if it would send out a couple seeking projectiles that would rez the 2 nearest fallen party members…and had a timer similar to the Musketeers combat rez.
You’d lose the current bard ultimate to get the rez…
That doesn’t seem offensively OP to me…
I don’t really play my bard too often tho… but I prolly would if it had a combat rez. lol

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The combat rez is still op though.

Considering how often we bards hear about the preferences for musketeers due to the res ability, the turret block, and the other visual aspects of the musketeers healing, bards getting a well deserved bump seems quite fair.


I just don’t agree. I really can’t even see the basis for your assertion…
Unless you are saying that Combat Rez in general is OP…
Which is a valid argument, tho not one I tend to accept in OrbusVR.

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I am simply saying that the combat rez is op and it is not fair that we have to give up our ult for it. I think @Pherosis made a great suggestion.