Bard ultimate 5 min timer

What is the point in having a ultimate that requiers a 5 min cool down as well? So you have charge up your ultimate like any other class but you can’t really use it?
There is no fight in the game that justifies a 5 min cool down for some extra damage

This limit should be removed asap


100% agree. It’s not really an ult if you have to just sit on it and wait every 5 min.


Heyo, +1 on this. ESPECIALLY frustrating when you use your ult, the group wipes, you get your ult up again but have to just kinda sit there knowing that you blew it, and even though you charged it again, it won’t do anything to help the group :frowning:


I dont understand why the debuff persists thru death. And with bard as it is atm, id argue that building for high uptime on your ult would at the very least be a bandaid fix for its low heal numbers


We’ll take another look at this and see where we’re at when we’re looking at balancing - I believe originally when bard was first added in the game we wanted to be careful as that was the first party-wide ultimate and that it could lead to parties (or even more likely raid groups) stacking bards to have that damage buff going on more of the time and deciding to just replace other support options for more DPS, making a class mandatory over others.


To make that happen it would mean a bard’s boost must be so powerful that it’s better than using a dps. I find that very unlikely in many respects. In dungeons there would be only 1-2 dps left then doing all the work, and no matter how strong a dps is, soloing trash groups or bosses is no fun; also zero tolerance on this one dying then.

Also the less diversity the more buffs of other classes are missing - so the bard-buff would need to give more than double or tripple dmg for all the remaining dps and be up ALL the time which is never happening because even with several bards it likely would not charge that fast (or be timed that thoroughly…).

Now in raids mechanics don’t allow to go with too many healers, the opposite is the case - talking about hardmode - two bosses are done without healers, on 2 others muskys are preferred, mechanics-wise. Bards are literally solely used to take up one of two healer spots, on one single raid boss, they are generally less (or not at all used) because of the weaker heals, missing shield and missing rez option, so a functional super/dmg boost would be a rather small step to up it’s usability a bit.

And I doubt even this would make raid groups consider changing their setup and use bards more. Ex. pot tank, bards can’t shoot the blue orbs or ads and there’s normally already shamans in the group and tanks who can’t either. And even if it turns out it’s worth having a bard on a no-heals boss, because he CAN replace a full dps - or even do more than him - by up’ing the others dps’es dmg, the whole group would need to wait until the bard’s super is charged, which alone is something groups normally don’t consider, they wanna get through asap.

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Honestly if bard gets fixed to be closer to the level of musky, then id have less of an issue with the Ult. Although at current, most Ults are rather useless and ‘use them if you got them’ rather than a boost of power you can use in a tight spot. I do agree that the debuff persisting thru death is ridiculous. Itd be more preferable with no debuff at all, or at most a debuff that ends once youre out of combat so you can ult once a fight. If a boss fight goes longer tho, itd be nice to be able to ult as much as im able.

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I totally think the ult should not stack with other bards. Much like any other damage buff from the same class doesn’t stack. But the current cooldown method seems heavy handed and less elegant than just doing a check like any other class your currently do to stop buff damage stacking.


I think you can safely remove the limit, without adding or waiting for a rebalancing. Bard REALY needs a reason to be used.