Bard Ultimate Timer

EDIT: I was mistaken in my previous post. For clarification, can we get the 5 minute cooldown on Bard Ultimate added in game so Bards everywhere can understand this?

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As I tried telling you guys before…

So the icon you see is not the buff icon. It is the cooldown icon preventing you from getting the buff on the next super for 5 minutes, If you use your super with the icon gone, first another buff shows up which gives 10ish seconds of 20% dps boost. And also immediately the cooldown icon shows up.

Using your super again with cooldown icon prevents you from getting the 20% boost icon again.

Using super without cooldown icon on before it (arrow pointing at 20% boost):

Using super while already having icon on:

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Ahhhh I don’t think the icons were explained to me before. Is there a way to add the 5 minute cooldown in the journal? There is no mention in game that I’ve found about that.

I’d quite like the timer being reduced by 50% or removed entirely. The Musketeer got a significant healing upgrade in the way of AOE spam heals. The bard needs something that takes some work, yet gives them the damage upper hand.


Idk. Bard is already superior for everything except for raw heal power potential.

  • 100% uptime of 5% attack boost. While musky has a hard time keeping 100% uptime on its 5% weakness. Not on every mob guaranteed either for musky.
  • a super that boosts dps at all. Musky doesn’t have that.
  • guaranteed passives for everyone in surrounding. Musky needs to actively spread renew on monster or turret.
  • the passive of bard has less tileset interference.
  • super boosting orb available for even more dps (mainly useful for rangers though)

Speaking of Bard, what is the range of all the bard buffs? And how do you tell if someone is in range?

Not totally sure the exact range but would guess around 20 meters and its easiest to tell by if they have one of the buff icons the bard is producing

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