Battle Complexity and End-Game Fighs

Hi guys, I had some questions about the end-game scene regarding tactical choices in combat.

I want to start by saying I think this is an awesome project, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress. I do understand we are not even at Beta yet.

I am interested in the long term plan of each class at max level. What sort of choices will they be making, and the vision on how each class will be interesting and dynamic in play. Especially If getting to max level alone is ballpark 70-100 hours of play time.

How do you plan on introducing meaningful choices in each class that don’t get stale?

Starting off strong, the Warrior can choose what “combo” to use at any moment. How complex are some of these combos going to be? 4 hits? 10 hits? 20 hits?!?!? Or what about chaining combos together for increased effect? I see a lot of good potential for in-the-moment choices, but to what end? I know there is a “high aggro” combo and a high damage combo. What about status effects? What motivates a warrior from not just using one combo repeatedly the whole fight?

The Runemage also seems awesome in its complexity. Ever play the DS game Lost Magic (2006)? Your progression as a mage in that game introduced different runes that you draw. The strength of the game came from mixing runes together into a variety of spells, up to 3 runes per spell. Is this a similar direction that is planning to be implemented? I know the teleport spell currently takes multiple runes. Will Runemages learn additional runes for basic spells like fireball making it stronger (and slower)? What about mixing runes for additional effects? What about resource management? There is so much that can be done here, so I’m very interested to hear how Runemages work in a specific manner instead of speculating on my favorite DS game come VR.

What about the Musketeer and Ranger? What sort of choices will they be making, especially toward end-game? They differ quite strongly from the other 2 classes, which operate more on memorization than skill selection. Munition choices seem obvious, but what about skills or other effects they can provide on the field? Will they have a giant number of skills and be able to choose a “loadout” of sorts?

How important is positioning? Will largely mobile fights be a thing? Obviously solo play without a tank involves kiting in some form or another, so will telegraphed boss fights. How is movement in combat being made interesting? Will some enemies run away?

This is obviously a bunch of questions, but tactical choices in an MMO like this bring a great deal of fun into the game, and it is what makes end-game content worth playing.

To reiterate, I’m interested in the long-term plan and vision of the class gameplay, and how progression opens the door to new and interesting options.

I’ve poked through the webpage and forums, but have not seen my questions answered. If there is a video or another post I missed, please point me in that direction :slight_smile:


Oh man, these are great questions, some I was curious about myself like the warrior attack combos being chained.

During the beta I’d really be interested in looking into making some recommended tactics for the ranger and musketeer. I think that would be a lot of fun and it would be pretty fun to try and see what you can do with a small party and these classes.

So the only things I can answer from your questions are from posts I read a long time ago and the experiences I had in Orbus. (The plans might have changed). But this is what I (think I) know:

The warrior’s combos were planned to be not much more complex then they currently are. So about 4 to 6 hits for a combo. Can’t say more about the other parts the devs planned about the warrior. But I think they will change/add combos in the future.

Every spell of the Runemage (except teleport and resurrection) is planned to have a Level 1, 2 and 3 version. Every spell you can cast in the game now is a Level 1 spell (except for the single hidden Level 2 spell). Level 2 and 3 spells are enhanced versions and way more difficult to cast. You can find more info of the Level 2 versions of some of the spells on the wiki How those Level 2 and 3 spells will be implemented is not certain yet. They will probably either add additional lines to the current spells or/and do it like the teleport spell where you have to draw multiple runes. About the mixing of runes, one example of this already is: If you do an Frost bolt and then an Ice Lance, you do additional damage (you can read that fact on the wiki). Also if you switch between runes currently (e.g. Frost bolt then Fireball then Frost bolt again), your Ultimate ability goes up way faster.

Sorry, I don’t understand the questions about the Musketeer and Ranger.

The movement mechanics in Orbus are already quite interesting. The current uses of movement in combat are:

  • Some mobs/boss mobs do Area attacks where you have to move out of the area to not get hit.
  • A player or other mob (mostly the warrior) can block your path of hitting a mob so you move to the side to still hit the mob.
  • The warrior as tank has to keep moving towards the mobs and keep them aggro’d. The musket in a healing position, always looks for a place to stand close to the team members they have to heal.
  • If you have done some dungeon runs you will be surprised about the movement you need to do for some of the bosses. Things like lure a boss under a spike to kill it, move out of the way of poison splash attacks, or move out of the way of roots popping up all over the room. Also you have to watch out for some eggs to burst and move to them quick and destroy them. In the future they will add more of those crazy awesome movement mechanics for more bosses. :slight_smile:

I hope I answered some of the questions you had here.


That is some solid information! Thanks! I really appreciate the detail.

In more detail:
It seems the Musketeer has “orbs” and the Ranger gets a variety of “arrows” they can choose from. e.g. poison arrow, healing orbs etc. I was wondering what other choices, if any, that these classes could choose from.

For example, picking a different trap as a Ranger, or other variations of the turret the musketeer gets.

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The musketeer turret has a dps mode and a healing mode you can switch between. I personally like the current amount of abilities and at EA they’re going to be locked and be unlocked as you level, so you don’t start out with everything. I also like the idea of a wider selection so you can make a more unique build, but I think at least at launch it’s supposed to be artificing augments that boost various aspects of your character for different build variation. (Think like guild wars armor runes)

Is imagine down the line more abilities will be released for the classes but right now the current sets work really well. Just enough to make combat interesting without throwing so much at you that you rely more on what ability to use and less on actual positioning, tactics, and raw skill.

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Thanks so much, Logan!

I appreciate the deets. :slight_smile: