Battlegrounds broken


Something REALY needs to be done. I’m just facing scoundrels in the battlegrounds now, and if I want more kills, I also have to go scoundrel. They are extreamly OP.

Nerf the freaking class in battlegrounds already!


I see new scoundrels running around and just pointing a shooting and killing players in under 5 seconds. They definitely need burst damage balancing…

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Yeah that’s why I’m not doing BGs anymore

And I need to switch talents for BGs (mage) I’m annoyed by that :woman_shrugging:


dual spec pls


I know I swapped off my Archer and did the same thing right quick. I don’t hitbox bomb people as I find that really icky, but I know I did it due to how forgiving the class is if you miss a shot. That and the burst DPS potential.


There are class balance changes coming in the June 11th patch for PvP and PvE.

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Do you have an idea of the scope of those changes or are you still working things out?

Will all (or most?) classes be modified?

I presume all of these will be presented in a patch notes a few days before the release?


We do have plans for class balancing further down this sprint but no specific details just yet. Any and all changes regarding that in the June 11th patch will for sure be provided in the patch notes once everything is ready to go.


Iike with what damage has been doing can we know what the changes are so if they are bad we can give our input before u put all the work into making the changes, so that we don’t become stuck with them

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Yeah, we can share any changes/prototypes with you guys as they get fleshed out as soon as they are ready to show off or talk about on here so we can get your feedback before making any concrete decisions.


Yeah, that would be great. I’m interested to see the balance changes and curious what you guys will do to make some of the weaker classes in PvP like shaman more viable in PvP.


Now, that’s a good news !! Like everybody else, I had to quit my favorite class (archer) to level up scoundrel/runemage to be able to play in Battlegrounds :confused:

Thus Battlegrounds feel like playing Counter-Strike :confused:


who here besides me thinks it would be cool to receive a chest from each battlegrounds win with like 1 in 100 chance of something very very cool


prat you are 100% correct, and that bug where you drink a potion that freezes up the archers bow until relog has not been fixed last time I checked, they tried but couldn’t find it (before I gave up on the archer altogether due to sheer lack of dps, it happened to be constantly) I also cant find out what else is triggering it other then drinking a potion randomly it happens, but it was offen


I appreciate the effort, I understand it must be hard to deal with…everyone saying this is op this is underpowered, a balance would be awesome however I still think rewards are in most dire need of a rework over anything else


rewards: 1/2 day of work
class rebalance: 1 week of work

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The Musketeer is probably the class that will be affected the most. The Paladin will also be seeing some actual mechanical changes surrounding some tanking stuff to prepare it for the Raid. The Scoundrel may be seeing some actual mechanical changes as well. The rest of the changes will mostly be balancing (e.g. “decrease effectiveness of this attack by 10%, increase duration of this DoT by 2 seconds” that kind of stuff.

When it comes to balancing things, my experience both being on this side of the table and on the player’s side is that generally speaking, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. We have some good data from our side of things, from some players who have done some work on theoretical data, and from some actual combat logs of right fights, and I think between all of that we have a pretty good idea of where things stand. As with anything, we’ll continue to adjust things over time as we respond to what we’re seeing in terms of real gameplay and from the community, but our goal right now is just to bring PvP a little better into balance, and then to make sure all the classes are able to fulfill their roles as needed for the Raids that are coming out.

We’ll share some more specifics beyond that when the patch notes go out ahead of June 11th.

There are also some additional rewards coming as well, including a new version of the Trickster Chest (although with a twist). We’ll be sharing more about what I’m calling the “Bring Back the Overworld” changes in a blog post next week.


Excited to see these new changes. The trickster chest sounds fun. I remembering seeing a few good suggestions on the forums here about what to do with the future trickster chest. Will it be instanced or in the over world again?

Edit: I found one of the suggestions I remember reading. Will it be anything like this? Trickster Chest in Reborn Suggestion


thanks Riley


Stuck in Battlegrounds , cant leave , waited for timer to end did not recieve port … can not logout of game .