Battlegrounds event at 9pm EST


Making this post since it’s been impossible for us (and probably for everyone) to get in battlegrounds.
We’ll have 4 people in the queue at 9pm EST, anyone interested should join so we can hopefully get 12 players and do some pvp!


I’ll queue, trying to get others from our discord in on it to


Ill also queue up! :wink:


yeah i will qeaue when im on


Yeah, it has been a bit of an issue. I was going to suggest lowering the people required from 4 vs 4 to 3 vs 3 so it would be even easier to get games together but it slipped my mind and instead it was increased, making it even harder to get into a game.


I think once reborn goes live 5v5 will be a nice middle ground, but I guess we will need to wait and see


It might be fine when the game releases, but if we are going to test the Battlegrounds to any extent during the Beta it needs to be lower.


We’ve reverted the battleground to 4v4 for now, so it should be easier to get into matches and give us feedback on it.


I enjoyed th BGs. Even when stomped on by the other team. Need to alert low levels to invest talent points at begining of game or they are far underpowered. Some of the rocks and structures can be teleport ed into without averse affect from the dark fog and fey lights.

BGs cause me to spin arround in my play area till I’m all tangled up ,not facing my sensors and wondering why I have no hands … good problem to have.


If you are using a rift, I’d recommend a 3rd sensor, it will help with tracking while you’re spinning around


That it would … but my play space is so small it is generally not an issue, unless I get absorbed in what I’m doing and start spinning.

I caught myself essentially smeagle-ing my controllers hunched away from my sensors. >. <


What about setting up a timer script or something? If, after x minutes in queue, there’s too few people for the maximum, drop by 1 (e.g. from 5v5 to 4v4), repeat until at 3v3?