Battlegrounds Talent Selection


I am not sure if this is intended or not, but something that I noticed is that once you hit the level for a talent you cannot change it in battlegrounds. For example, if a mage wants Contamination for battlegrounds but uses Triplicity anytime else, they need to drink a potion of Forgetfulness every time that they want to switch from PvP to PvE. I understand this for open world/main game, but if the lv1 gets to switch and choose talents at the beginning and have it revert back after the round ends, why does a lv30 mage need to use a forgetfulness pot every time they want to do Battlegrounds talents instead. Its a minor thing, but I am starting to go broke for 500 dram each :disappointed:.

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I’m hoping they will make a dual spec kind of thing, where we can have 2 sets of talents per class which we can easily switch between depending what we are doing


Ya I’m always switching my mage talents for BGs, and it’s annoying, please just reset the talents when you get ported in a BG


In WoW, you can reset your talents in certain zones for free (rested zones) and right after joining a BG or dungeon queue. There is also a consumable item to change talents elsewhere. I think Orbus should also take this approach. Allow free talent changes in highsteppe and right after joining a dungeon or bg queue. You can give a buff that lasts a minute or 2 upon joining (can also just give the potion effect) allowing free changes. Highsteppe check is straightforward, but you could also make this apply to all safe zones to re-use that classification. Keep the potion of forgetfulness for changing elsewhere.


I agree with some of this, but don’t offer free talent changes in Highsteppe. I like the idea of the Forgetfulness potions (for those who don’t know, they reset talents for 500 gold) for the open world type aspect of it, but I would like free temperary changes for Battlegrounds. If we could change talents for free then there would be no use for forgetfulness potions. Also, people who have their talents permanently for pvp will always have an advantage over people who don’t want to spend the 1K dram to switch to battlegrounds and back each time.


maybe just have a CS sort of countdown to select your loadout, talents, class, whatever before you go. Would help with people who are taking a piss or something when the queue suddenly pops after 8.5 hours too.

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Or maybe just hace a Battlegrounds Talent Choice thing and a regular one and both reset with the Potion of Forgetfulness?