Battlegrounds With The Devs! - Friday 29th, 1pm CDT

Hey everyone, after the success of the last battlegrounds event we played with you all, we’re having a new one this Friday at 1 PM CDT and we hope to see you there!

We’re doing it earlier this time so our EU friends can join in, and we’ll likely rotate times if we do more in the future.

Please join us at that time and queue up for battlegrounds, and let’s have have some casual fun shooting each other with arrows and casting poorly. :sheep:


This is happening in about 30 minutes, join us and have some fun pelting each other with arrows!

Thanks for coming and hanging out, that was fun!

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Did anyone take a pic of themselves killing a dev? I’m curious if any of them was just like “Dew it!”

No pictures but it was fun to try and get them all.

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