Before I buy Orbusvr on steam ~ A Quest user

  1. Do I even need to rebuy Orbusvr on my PC (I’m getting one built.)
  2. Do I have to make a new character (can I not play on the same character as on Quest.)

Fellow Quest and SteamVR user here.
I had a similar question for the developers, due to having leveled a character in the demo version on Steam prior to purchase for the Oculus Quest. My understanding is that the Oculus Quest is a completely different build. I purchased 1 copy for SteamVR and 1 copy for playing on the Oculus Quest. I do not own a Rift.

You can login with the same account regardless of device used however the account you use with the Oculus Quest must be the account you want ‘linked’ to that device. I have not yet found a way for a different SteamVR account that owns Orbus to login to my Quest version and play. I would expect the Rift version to be like the SteamVR version in which, the player can login and logout different user accounts.

To answer your original question more directly:
1. Most likely yes, as the Quest build is reduced to support the hardware limitations.
2. a quote from the developer,

…if your email is the same between the Oculus Quest version and the Steam version that you purchase, you’ll be able to progress from there and keep going.

Good Luck, and happy Questing!

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  1. no, you can download it from the PC oculus store
  2. no, you can use the same characters
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Confirmed that I do not have to pay for Orbusvr reborn twice. I looked at the oculus rift store and the price reduced to $0.

And my understanding is that the Oculus link allows the Quest to act as a Rift.

Confirmed. I have a Quest and the Oculus Link cable, and I can play Orbus either way after only purchasing it once. I mostly use it via the Link for better graphics, but I have it installed on the Quest as well for if I want to play somewhere other than within 15 feet of my PC. :slight_smile:

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