Beginners weapon lore theory

At the world boss dev event lord milo brought up a good point on how the beginners weapon npc is the 2nd most powerful character in Orbus (Rupert will always be number one) and I approve of this theory and I have evidence on why this is true

First we’ll start with the obvious on that she has the +7 warrior sword. This means that she killed hard mode sephotep and because no other npc can do it she did it by herself! (She also has no armor)
Next when this was brought up to the devs they said they “gave it to her because it looks cool.” Assuming this is also the beginner weapons thought process she just embarrassed sephotep not for the safety for everyone in highsteppe but because she thought a weapon looked cool

Secondly she would of only had to kill him with a beginner weapon with her only having beginner weapons and all.

Third no one saw her move to go kill hard mode sephotep and with a beginner weapon and soloing it should of taken ages but I didn’t even take her a second so it is probably now cannon she moves faster then the speed of light.
Speaking of her moving she moved while the world of orbus was under a “server restart” (guessing that’s how y’all put in new updates) meaning that even when orbus doesn’t even exist she just doesn’t care and solos the hardest boss in the game, nothing can stop her.

Thirdly hard mode citadel isn’t even cannon so she literally broke the universe of orbus to get a weapon that she thinks “looks cool.”

I state my case this now makes the beginner weapon the 2nd strongest character now in orbus right below Rupert
A bit extra info on her is that she actually has a coded good bye speech but she just decided to ignore it so she can flex her stockpile of infinite beginner weapons that she carries on her (also making her infinitely strong)


She probably defeated him more than once, unless she got the +7 drop on first kill?

Maybe she has higher luck than us, or maybe she has special gear with extra luck stats on it. :thinking:

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“Because it looks cool.” Does this mean she didn’t even do it for the weapon but simply for the transmog? Is she that powerful?

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that’s how she gets all the beginner weapons every time she kills an enemy one drops and seeing how powerful she is its not unlikely that she can just decide to trade soulbond weapons because she has more power than the devs

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she will forever be the first person to breakdown a +7

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rupert vs beginner weapons person when

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