Beginning Tutorial Stuck on Screen

I am past the initial tutorial area/screen and have been in the normal world a while, but I cannot find a way to get rid of the annoying starting tutorial steps on my screen. This is still telling me steps to complete like:

  • Open player journal
  • pickup loot bag
  • talk to Darius (the only one that’s checked completed now)
  • walk through the door

I am well past this area now, and it will not let me compete these steps in a way that will make this annoying tutorial get off my screen the entire time I play. Can anyone please help me clear this beginner tutorial off my screen? I have tired disabling tutorial in settings and it is still on the screen. If its a bug and a Dev could clear this for me please? My character name is: Belthazzar


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This should be fixed for you now sorry about that. We’ll try to get this fixed so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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Thank you Jake, its fixed! :+1:

Could you also please fix someone elses that has the same exact problem, character name: Airlia

We rolled out a fix this morning so that it should auto clear when the player enters their house. Let me know if that is still not cleared for them. Thanks!


Fixed for everyone. Thanks again Jake!


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