Best list reward for dragon race

i wish there were rewards for the best list in the dragon race.
then more people would be interested.

in the beginning i thought it was no fun but after a few hours i loved the dragon race.
and through the motivation to break records, more people would try it.

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yeah but the record on the dragon racing times are old it would be a cool idea to add a reset on the dragon race leaderboard to have different people on leaderboards

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I believe some records are even from times before races and some unintended shortcuts - ex. just turning around and go from start to end in seconds - got fixed (example starter race) so it is pointless to go for them… no longer possible.

Perhaps a weekly list and all-time list would be cool with a tab to switch in between with minor rewards for top 10s before reset each tuesday or so. That would give people an incentive to compete against each other, weekly and ensures active people doing so, not those who left the game long ago and even played different races.


Good idea!

What about reset every Month/Week?

Granting prices for top 3 players on each track? That will force players to run around the map and win the most tracks possible / gold shiny dye would be awesome and devs can make extra rewards based on seasons.

1st place - 10x pieces of random material / 1x special rare GOLD dye only obtainable for 1st place
2nd place - 5x pieces of random material / 1x special rare SILVER dye only obtainable for 2st place
3rd place - 3x pieces of random material / 1x special rare BRONZE dye only obrainable for 3rd place
4th-5th place - 3x random dye (not a rare ones)


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Didn’t get fixed.

It did not?! Well it was reported and announced to be fixed a long while ago (I believe in the Beta already) however I didn’t really try since then.

Good idea… I second this post.