Best way to grind at level 17?

I’ve been trying to grind in the frosted spit as a level 17, I’m about 60% of the way to level 18 but don’t seem to be making too much progress. Am I grinding in the wrong area?

Depends, if you can handle red or grey stars, go to the lamorava frontier to kill small spiders end bunnies :smiley: (or the beginning of the wilds, anywhere), if not, lucian plains should be fine

I can handle red stars pretty ok, grey stars are iffy. Forgot to mention I’m a runemage.

i m a rune mage too, and if i remember correctly, i grinded my level 17 doing the bestiary quest of the lamorava frontier, and Lvl 18-20 at the entry of the lucian plain wild (they will be red when you are 18)

Yeah, I already completed that quest, I have the one for the wilds now (With all of the corrupt mobs). I get around ~600 XP from the red mobs in the Frosted Spit, tomorrow I’ll try and see if the mobs at the entrance to the wilds are any better.

In the lamorava frontier, if you get to the one that are right before the cemetrary, you will face red monsters. but what is nice, is that there are a lot of them, and they are easier than the tigers in the frosted spite.

The lucian wild, might be tricky, it’s pretty cool, because there are a lot of them, and spawn pretty quickly, but there are armored warg, which can be a pain to deal with…

I feel like grinding starts to slow down around level 16. If you can, find another person to grind with. This will make it faster (if you can keep the exp bonus up). Also more enjoyable because you have someone to talk to.

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