Beta 2 Minor Bugs


I’d like to add that something is off on the amount of healing I am getting from my muski cure wounds and renew orbs. I don’t use the lifewell because it is FAR FAR to bright with that silly effect on it. Not sure what the deal is, but now that i am lvl 12 and have a lvl 12 gun, it is obvious to me that the healing isn’t adding up and something behind the scenes is broken.


Gear doesn’t show foil effect or dyes on the log-in screen


Quick video to show that this is really bad to look at


Healing is way off, yea, as a level 7 my cure wounds did not heal up a level 3 fully(!) and it healed perhaps 10-20% of Rickness’ bar who was level 10. Don’t know if the turret scales correctly, but at least the big heal is useless in groups currently.


This seems to be getting worse the longer the server is running for


Not sure what has been causing this but after a while of playing the pointer used to interact with the menu stops working from a distance and you have to get fairly close for it to click


I also notice a reset-bug at like 30% of mobs I encounter. They run towards you, do one hit, health bar resets etc. This affects groups at the beginning of the tunnel, at the beginning of the witch-hill and in many other places.
Both issues might get better with a server restart.


I can’t put my journal away with my wand/right hand. If I try, it just stays floating upside down behind me. The same action performed with my off/left hand makes the journal disappear. If I switch which hand the wand is equipped to, the problem switches hands.

I’m really hoping the journal for quests gets some love before release. That much text with so little white space is really hard to read. Also, it would be nice to see the progression on the bronze/silver/gold levels. A couple times I didn’t realize the award level had changed and I got grumpy because the progress on the quest had “reset”. Maybe something similar to this?


obviously the gigantic wall of text that is our current journal isnt going to be the final form.


Haha, just like Freeza, the mission info’s final form should be much sleeker!

What you see in the beta was a quick and messy solution to showing you your missions and progress. It also doesn’t help that we are letting you have like 20 missions at once. In the final game, you should only have 6-8 max a week.

Ideally, the missions will behave sort of like Desinty, where you see a square icon, and you hover over it to see the details and progress in a tooltip window. And the missions may get moved from your journal to somewhere in your player menu.


I often saw my plunderer dragon having pathing issues and not being able to reach the loot while going back and forth, but after i moved away he would eventually reach it.


I noticet a slightly wierd interaction between achievements in reborn and my steam achievements.
I use an HTC Vive to play. And as such I launched Reborn with steam and SteamVR running. During the last day of the beta I managed to try out the battlegrounds. And in doing so I gained the in-game achievements “Dungeon Ready” for every class (Since I was temporarily leveled to level 15 right?).
Well… Here is the wierd part. I also got all of those achievements in steam for regular Orbus, but my only class that is level 8+ is my runemage.
Just a wierd interaction, but now I don’t have to worry about leveling up the other classes to level 8 for the steam achievement atleast :stuck_out_tongue:


Just checked for myself and it unlocked Musk but not Runemage. I already had Warrior and Ranger. Very odd.


Now that you mention it I also noticed this, Plunderer was having issues for me too


First I wanted to say EXCELLENT JOB Dev’s!!! I really enjoyed the improvements you have been making to the game play. Keep up the great work. Here are a few issues that I noticed during the Beta Test 2.

-When walking over wooden bridges I would experience juddering as if I was walking over an uneven surface. I mostly ran on ultra during my game play but switching to low did not rectify the issue. This happened not just on one bridge, but on multiple.
-When transitioning zones we would experience a grey screen for about 1/2 a second. I know this happened when entering or leaving the rainforest. I am not sure about other zones.
-A section of the rainforest had the horizon change from a skyline to the cliff as you got close enough. It is the same area where the water mesh is missing where the cliff meets, water, and land.
-The rock valley leading into the rainforest has no background music. It is eerily quiet when walking through that area.
-Shadows of enemies on the walls look as if they are flying in some locations. The ground does not cast a shadow making the enemy shadows look off.


Yeah the gatherer also had pathing issues by moving back and forth until you moved away from the resource.