Beta 2 Performance Feedback


Hi everyone, like last week we’d like to hear your experiences with regards to the game performance, if you’re having crashes, lag and such. There is a known issue related to this:

  • There is a bug where sometimes your FPS will randomly drop to the point that you are getting judder. Switching from e.g. Ultra to Standard and back to Ultra (or from Standard to Ultra and back to Standard) in the Graphics Settings menu seems to fix this. In addition, we have found that turning off Real-Time Protection in Windows Defender helps fix this problem. We are working on a more permanent fix.

So you can skip reporting that, but if you’re having other types of issues, let us know. Thanks!


So i’m having the same problem of last beta where i can’t open the doors, it was fixed the last day of the past beta but now it’s broken again, also the menu is still half-broken (need to slide a lot to see the options)


Which door in particular?

Also can you take a screenshot of the menu?


Trying to open highsteppe’s door to get quests and turn pvp on, but is broken like last time (i can open it, but it won’t teleport me)
Here’s a screenshot of the menu:


oh and i can’t shard gear, this was also fixed last test


What is your locale and stuff set to on your computer?


Can’t open any doors as well currently (tried player house one from the outside). Menu issue with padding and big name written all over character screen is still there like last time only this time it’s worse, because I tried to apply some dye and this white box is not goin away, same with breaking things down…


(So basically both bugs appearing like Shikis, playing with german locales.)


same problem like metris …


Could this be caused by the german system language by any chance? I have the same issue and also a german system.


Yes that is what is causing it. I have switched to German on my own computer and now it is happening to me. I am working on a fix.


I have noticed three small bugs, when selling to the apprentice smith the box for confirmation flickers, you can wear level 2 gear as a level 1, and dyes seem to have no effect on foil items.


i have the problem that ni have no menu, cant do anything in there, my wepons dont work either, tried with the sword


These issues should be fixed in the latest patch I just put out. Let me know if it’s not fixed for you. Thanks!


Don’t know if it’s related to the performance bugs or not, but I saw frogs literally sliding across the floor. Were they intended to hop?


game gets choppy as hell after 20 minutes like when you kite the ads on boss 2 in raids.


Try switching graphics settings like in the OP and see if that switches it when you refresh.


that’s a bit of a band-aid. no one should have to do that.


It’s a beta test. Expectations are you will have to deal with little things like this while they iron them out. The difference between this beta in the last beta is huge.


i realize that. i was just pointing it out so they can work on it. a new game shouldn’t have the same problems from the old.


Yes all good ty so great to have menus and see the new HS already! :slight_smile:

Only tiny bug I notice is a the constant flashing of some bars, for example the reputation bars in quests, but I got very low fps (around 20) today so not sure if it’s like this for others.