Beta 2 Public Events Feedback


I’m not planning to wipe them for the next test or two at least. I’m not sure when the level cap will up to 30. Probably we will just keep increasing it in increments of 5 as we add new zones. Even if the cap is 20 next test I can still make it so you can keep earning caches without increasing your actual level.


Awesome! Sounds good! Will there be anything like the super leveller cape from the original orbus beta as a reward for this beta? Just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, for public event feedback, you can AFK at the event location and get rewarded 3,000 exp for not doing anything at all (I just did this accidentally while on the forums) and this will increase the difficulty for everyone else there (luckily I was the only one that “showed up” while I was AFK so I didn’t make things harder) I did see this with one person yesterday though, was AFK for quite a few events


Pretty sure we wouldn’t have downed it this way, it was only possible with running back continuously and many people missed the kills, too. Yet if it’s requiring level 12 and chars are wiped again we can not test this boss, only a handful players went up to 15 already and from what I see these play the whole weekend, straight, with little sleep. I won’t get any class to 15 during one weekend, concentrating on the two new classes plus my original main, on noting bugs down, reading the forums (and posting :smiley: ), doing critter quests, and I got around 70% of this weekend reserved for the Beta.


We are not wiping the characters after this test or the next one at least.


WAH really? Ok I quit posting and back to leveling :rofl:


Are we allowed to stream the beta content? or make videos about it i read the user agreement but saw no NDA


Yeah streaming and posting videos is fine, if not encouraged.


yes! we need as many players as possible!


Thank you guys for your fast reply to this situation id love to promote this game ive been playing off and on for awhile now and the project thats being done here is amazing i dont wanna ruffle any feathers however i do wanna get the word out there about this game and its development.


With “The Fence Defence” (say it out loud lol) event it says at the top about defending both gates but I never saw a second gate getting attacked to defend, was something changed before the start of this beta and the text not changed with it or did I miss something the whole weekend?


If you fail to defend the first gate (as in it gets attacked and destroyed), more monsters spawn behind you and go up the slope to the next gate. Essentially you have two chances to complete the event.


Oh! I never once noticed that, once the 1st gate went down everyone would just stand there until the next wave was meant to start, get the 3000 exp drop after a few seconds and then move on, I think that second gate needs to be moved closer so people can see it and the mobs attacking it


if you aren’t already at the gate when the monsters spawn, you pretty much just lose instantly anyway.


I loved it but since my shaman orbs are being blocked by the bodies of the 15 people that are all over the place I simply couldn’t successfully hit any mobs half of the time :slight_smile: